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  1. Will anybody be attending this? I need a facilitator and a witness. I think I have a facilitator.
  2. I really want to thank dscott for this awesome book... I really didnt think this was real
  3. Nice book. Really nice. Its yours and you can do anything you want to it. Damn though, some books shouldnt be signed . But honestly, great book. I figure that is THE BOOK to have him sign. I wanted to do it right when I met him.
  4. props to RICH HENN and PeasOfCrap for the assist this past weekend. you guys helped to add to one of my grails
  5. im still in awe about the detail in that crain boot... there should be a best of the boot category
  6. just got this badboy in recently... im pretty sure there was NON of these on census a couple weeks ago and last i checked there was 5.
  7. just came in today. thanx again PAR2CH
  8. Did you get all of these blanks graded prior to the sketch? Because everyone of mine came back as a 9.6 and Tom took them right out of box that was shipped to him at the show and they looked mint. Even after he finished them. The vader was cracked and held its 9.8 grade. Everything else I alpha-prep them ahead of time..
  9. I think we even got a pic of Prowse holding it but Dan would have to say for sure.
  10. i recently had this one signed by david prowse. i should have a scan of that in a couple weeks.
  11. i love me some signed and PAINTED goodness.
  12. star wars is big enough to get its on mega thread IMO... if there is already a thread for this, my bad. the star wars celebration just happened recently and im sure a lot of books that got done. if you have anything signed on any STAR WARS please show them if you got them. props to par2ch for helping me obtain this bad boy.