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  1. Will CGC be offering JSA autograph authentication/grading for trading cards as well as comic books?
  2. Received 2-13-2024 Bulk 25 cards with errors of some sort. Still in scheduled for grading. I guess bulk got pushed back 🤷‍♂️. Doesn’t make a lot of sense though because I sent in another bulk order that was received on 2-15-2024, and it was shipped on 4-03-2024… Explanation CGC?
  3. Yes, the word "Error" still shows up under the card. I have one and there are others out there as well.
  4. I have 5 cards that were hand drawn by the creators on their trading cards. I was wondering how I would submit them to get graded? The cards are not currently listed in your system for grading either so it will not let me add a card on the submission form. I'm sure either you or I can reach out to them as well and they will vouche for the authenticity of the cards.
  5. I have what I believe is to be a 1 of 1 pokemon error card and am wanting to know what it could be valued at. The card is a base set unlimited alakazam holo and the back of the card is inverted with the white from the edge of the sheet showing. I have only ever seen 2 other cards from this sheet surface but no publicly sold records.
  6. @NickiO CS As you can see, this has not been a standard for some. I meticulously keep track of my submissions. Here is a screenshot from August 14th of my submission still in the grading process and the submission number is red. I could go in and see the cards that are being graded but could not see the grades and I understand that. This is definitely a change for some people.
  7. A couple of days ago I could see the cards in my submissions that CGC is currently grading. Now when I check, the submission number is grey and I can no longer see my cards. Is there a problem with my submissions or did something change that I was not aware of?
  8. @NickiO CS ok. Do I need to make a note on the submission form that I mail in with the cards to specify that I want the signatures graded as well since it wouldn’t already say it on the form?
  9. @KaileeS CS when I go to the submission form for the card, there is no option/add on to have the signature graded too. It’s a $2 add on charge but there is no option for it.
  10. @KaileeS CS they are pack pulled cards and have “You have received an official autograph card signed by Jeff Tremaine.This autograph was obtained and is guaranteed authentic by zerocool, inc.” on the back of them.
  11. I was wondering how do I submit my autograph cards for signature and card grading to CGC?
  12. Will CGC crossover grade a card from a third party grading company? I have a few cards from Player 1 Services, AGS, and BGS that I'd like to get graded by CGC but only if it meets or exceeds the grades that the cards already have.
  13. @CGC Mike @MattM CS Hey guys. I have recently seen a ebay listing for a metal charizard graded by cgc with a different style of encapsulation. The cert number is 4045946006. Does this mean that the celebrations metal cards are being graded or is this an internal employee that had their cards graded for internal purposes and is now selling them?
  14. I have a crimped and cut card that I have 2 pieces for to make the whole card. I have seen before a while back that CGC had graded a similar card with both pieces in the same case, but I know that was a long time since then. Does CGC still grade cards like that?