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  1. I thought this was a better 2000th post than my original idea which was to tell Pov that I hadn't seen the film and therefore didn't understand his reference.


    Well Ash, our hero, has found himself split in two, one good and one bad, buy evil deviltry. He is talking to himself and the bad Ash is tormenting the good Ash. Good Ash hefts his shotgun and says "Good? Bad? I'm the one with the gun." He then proceeds to shoot himself (his bad self).


    And there you have it! grin.gif


    HOW CAN YOU NOT HAVE SEEN "ARMY OF DARKNESS"!?!? foreheadslap.gif


    GOD! Joanna, you are just as bad as the Trustees at The Academy of Motion-picture Arts and Sciences...evidently they missed it too, else Bruce Campbell would have himself a nice, shiney, Oscar by now... cloud9.gif