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  1. Just catchin' up... "Since when do you know so much about dinosaurs?" asks Pluto. "I'm Earth. They're my creatures." Everyone gives him a look. "The internet." -Joe
  2. HOW CAN YOU NOT HAVE SEEN "ARMY OF DARKNESS"!?!? GOD! Joanna, you are just as bad as the Trustees at The Academy of Motion-picture Arts and Sciences...evidently they missed it too, else Bruce Campbell would have himself a nice, shiney, Oscar by now... -Joe
  3. "Not yet. Let's add to the dramatic tension by allowing them to almost escape..." Beautiful! Thanks for making me immortal, BTW... -Joe
  4. As I have said to many many women over the years, Joanna, feel free to use me, as long as there are no strings attached... -Joe
  5. Here's something to fantasize about while I work on the next section: Ugh! Linda Carter has NOT aged well... -Joe
  6. Glad you're enjoying it! And feel free to read it in the nude. -- Joanna GREAT IDEA!!! {Ziiiiiiiiiiiip!} -Joe
  7. This thread is hilarious! BRAVO, Joanna! I can't recall when I've ever had this much fun with my clothes on...