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  1. This update has been horrible!!!! I am fearful many CSG customers will be lost forever. I hope CSG survives, but I doubt they will unless they make it right with the customers. I am a CSG Elite Member and definitely will not be renewing my membership unless they make this disaster right. Offering a $10 or $20 credit is not going to get it done. I really was looking for a better option than PSA and really loved the new CSG slab. First couple orders went great...but have had issues with multiple orders since. They sent one of my orders to the wrong address and I had to track it down. They billed me my 4th order at the non discounted price. Now this system upgrade has been a complete disaster!!!! The resale value is the lowest of the 4 major grading companies!!! Someone...please tell me why I should continue to support CSG!
  2. CSG has screwed the system update up and things are all messed up. When you call the staff has no good information. My last submission took over two weeks after it posted that the order was finalized. Good luck.
  3. My order has been sitting finalized for two weeks now! Have called in a couple of times and the issue seems to be the computer update they are doing. I guess they can't process credit cards...but I too am getting very frustrated. When they announced this update was being done...it was to be finished by the 14th and was not going to affect turn around times...It very clearly is having an affect on turn around times. I really hope they try to make this right with us...because PSA is starting to pump cards out very quickly and CSG graded cards do not sell for anywhere close to PSA...so what is the reason to keep grading with them?????