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  1. Woooooo. Updated photos and registry for my set. After a long painful wait thanks for getting this done.
  2. When will these be updated with photos/registry/pop. I am waiting on an order from 4/26 still. Im
  3. May 8th this was opened and still nothing. Its beyond ridiculous at this point. I could of mailed these back 10x over to be rescanned and updated. Losing any faith i had left in this company.
  4. This must be new cuz all my old submissions were uploaded immediately photos/pop. Of course that was before this ‘new system’. Now my ME return from 4/26 which i have had back in my possession for 2 months are still not showing updated pop or pics uploaded. It feels like they dont even care about their QA at this point. Just the fancy new label merger.
  5. somehow these 1987 nwa wonderama (ones with the brown backing) and the 1988 nwa wonderama are not even accessible to view the pop report of at this point. please tell me this means you are finally updating 1401001351001, 1401001351002, 1401001351003, 1401001351004 that i have been waiting and stuck since 4/26 even tho i received these ME cards back around 5/2 corrected as 1987 yet nothing on pop and # does not exist when searching
  6. Another month gone by with no resolution here. This ME return has been stuck in QC since 4/26 even tho i have had them back in hand with new correct labels for over a month at this point. Please get these images and serial numbers updated. Order #: CSG3031023947 Submission #: 1401001589 Received: 4/26/23 Service: MECHANICAL ERROR Status: Quality Control / Finalized
  7. I had a mislabel i had to resend as ME. They were corrected and mailed back to me on 4/26. I received them back on 5/2 with the new correct labels but my order still shows in qc last update on 4/26. When i search the label # it doesnt exist so no photos updated and no registry/pop update. Must be some kind of relabel issue hope you have better luck than i have had getting this resolved.
  8. Any update here? I am waiting to update my set on registry with new grades and photos. 1401001351001, 1401001351002, 1401001351003, 1401001351004
  9. I just received an ME order back today. Order 1401001589 yet the submission online still shows as quality control/finalized. Thankfully the labels are correct now that i have back in hand. Can please update photos and pop on this order. There are 4 cards in this order waiting updates: 14010011351001, 14010011351002, 14010011351003, 14010011351001
  10. And as i mentioend this is a separate new issue on the same set of cards. Stop trying to skip over it as some one off error and actually try to implement corrections to your process.
  11. What exactly is being done about this? I brought up this specific set the 1987 brown back test run vs 1988 normal nwa wonderama. Just human error the explanation was. Or maybe is it the AI as the front of these cards are the same just the backing is different? So far this example above is the only 1988 labeled as a 1987. Typically the 1987 are 5x-10x more valuable if not more. Please don’t completely ruin the pop count like the other companies have done. I just submitted 4 of the 1987 test set that just got graded and shipped today but of course now these are wrongly labeled the 1988 set. Do you have no way of internally marking similar looking sets so graders/labelers can decipher the difference? Considering i just brought this up 2 weeks ago and clearly nothing has been implemented to fix potential future errors for the proper labeling and pop reporting.
  12. How much attention is paid to labeling? In the past i have seen an anniversary 2004 si kids tony hawk in the 1990 label and it was actually displayed as the main photo on csg website for grading. Last summer i submitted a new set not in the database which was a great experience. It was 1987 NWA wonderama these have a specific brown backing. I love csg and have sent more grading since. But now i just came across this 1988 NWA card on ebay in the 1987 label. Below is the mislabeled card. As of now this is the only one but this is very frustrating to see.
  13. When a complete set of something is sent in why would that not go right into the registry without a need to request it? I have sent a couple requests on 1987 wonderama nwa and understand a wait on individual requests just surprised when a complete set was submitted at once.
  14. Apologies as i am sure this is somewhere but couldnt find it thru search. Do i just pay return shipping now and the rest of the price will be once it is recieved? It just say ‘call for pricing’ on my order but is asking me to pay shipping. Its a large bulk as i bought the elite membership + 2 extra economy that will be ship separate. thanks