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  1. Marketing: To get more people/collectors into the hobby. IMHO this is the KEY. I seldom see younger generation in the comic book stores. Writers should: 1.Create good and interesting stories/ideas. 2.Create new characters that may be close to the success of Superman Batman Spiderman Wolverine. Publishers should: 1.Limit Variant Covers 2.Justifiable price increase of modern books Current Collectors should: 1.Promote modern books, if not, would be collectors will stay away from even starting to collect. Majority of new collectors would usually start checking out new books from their nearby comic stores. I doubt that the first books that they would buy are Hulk 181 and Amazing Spiderman silver age. In my own experience, I started first by buying the current Spiderman comic books (Ultimate and the current Amazing Spiderman). I enjoyed reading them so I collected other books such as Daredevil, 100 Bullets, JLA, Wolverine and then all the Ultimate Line. After a year or two, I want more than the current series, I started to dream owning the first appearances of my favorite characters and other key issues. As evidenced, majority of first appearances and key issues with outrageous prices in ebay auctions were won by newbies. You will seldom see seasoned collectors pay outrageous prices. 2.Optimistic about the future of comic books. **Marketing and optimistic view of Comic Market, Newbies will drive up the comic prices***
  2. Thanks for your responses. Valiantman's feedback is logical.
  3. I'm just wondering when is Modern Age ends and what Age (name) will be next?? If I'm not mistaken: Golden Age is from 1939 to 1959 (20 years) Silver Age is from 1960 to 1969 (10 years) Bronze Age is from !970 to 1979 (10 years) Modern Age is from 1980 to present. (23 years) I noticed inconsistencies on the time periods, who makes the determination of these time periods?