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  1. I am pretty sure it is value after grading. how many raw cards do you see for sale for over $100.00?
  2. I do not agree with you about having to wait a long time for cards to be graded. If the grading company is honest and list actual turnaround times, customers will be more understanding and know exactly what is going on with there cards. That is another problem have with psa, there turnaround times where never accurate and there customer service is non existent. I am not here to pile onto psa, but do not expect that all companies will run there business like that. If a grading company has good customer service and is honest with there turnaround times, they will have plenty of customers. And if there cards look sharp, are graded accurately and sell for fair market value, they will rise to the top. Lets hope this is CSG.
  3. Like everyone else is mentioning, to get the most value out of your cards you will need to have them graded. I am not sure how it works, but you can research it: some grading companies go to sports shows and do in person grading. I believe you would wait in line and then sit at a table with a grader, you pay a certain fee to get a pre-grade. If you are happy with that, you can submit the card for grading, and I believe that is the grade the card would get. Also the " slabs" and protection to the card.
  4. CSG is doing great in turnaround times! I sent in 10 cards and received them back in about 3 weeks. I did have a couple of cards that where under size and not grade able, still not sure what that was about. 1 was a 1990 nba hoops Jordan card, nothing special- just a regular card out of the pack: the other card was similar. I was not charged a grading fee, which made it easier to swallow. But, I am preparing another submission and am concerned it could happen again. CSG will start grading different size cards staring sometimes in April.
  5. I recently received some cards back from CSG and sold a Jeter rookie for fair value. My suggestion to you is list the card for what you want it to sale for as a"buy now " or best offer listing. Some may try to offer you way less, just stick to the price you want it to sale for, eventually it will sell. Especially has hi HOF induction gets closer.