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  1. I submitted an economy order to PSA in October 2020 and got it back in April 2021, took about 6.5 months overall so CSG has about 2 months until PSA has caught up to them. CSG opened February 16 and haven’t returned bulk orders they received less than 2 weeks later so regardless of what the actual issue is, they need to be more transparent and tell us what is really going on, in my experience the people waiting will be happy to be patient as long as they KNOW what’s going on but CSG just remains quiet unless you contact customer service…CSG leadership is really dropping the ball here
  2. My guess is they won’t….unless you submit through one of their “partners” Any thoughts???
  3. Send it Express. I got my recent Express order back within around a week and a half.
  4. Since when does CSG grade cards up to 7.25mm thick?? Your website states the following “Soon, CSG will begin accepting submissions of cards up to 7.25 mm thick. An announcement will be made on the CSG website. CSG’s new-to-the-industry stackable holders will also accommodate more sizes of thick cards than any other third-party sports card grading company.”
  5. If u are in grading/Quality Control and can see your subs then I would call them. They had issues with their CC system and May need your credit card number again, however, just because you pay doesn’t mean you will get your cards back…I paid on April 2 and have had zero movement since
  6. Have they actually shipped anything to you yet??
  7. First it was April, then the last week of April, then it became the last week of May, and recently it’s been “coming soon” and in the “coming weeks” but the truth is, they don’t know and are just speculating…
  8. You have me beat by 10 days…52 card bulk order received March 8…paid in full April 2. They won’t tell me what cards need the larger slabs, just one or more. I asked back in April if I could pay for 2 shipments and get the cards that are already graded back but they turned me down. It appears they are doing that AND paying for the 2nd shipment for people with Economy submissions…
  9. I specifically asked for this to happen back in April and even said I was willing to pay for both shipments and they turned me down
  10. Exactly! The majority of us paid in full over 2 months ago and have 100s to 1000s of dollars held up without anything to show for it. I agree that their customer service is really good but “coming soon” doesn’t mean much after hearing it for 12 weeks. If the higher ups at CSG would just tell everyone what happened and what they know, a lot of people would be a lot more patient….
  11. I got a response for CSG customer service today that said they plan to receive the larger slabs in “the coming weeks” so they still have no idea…
  12. I finally just put in the request to have my cards sent back. The email response I got today on the larger cases says they are expecting them in “the coming weeks” so they still have no idea
  13. A submission I sent to Beckett on July 24, 2020 finally popped today…just waiting on CSG at this point
  14. I think they should’ve used a primary color like blue but I still really like their slabs
  15. I’m sure that announcement will be coming “soon”
  16. I know there has to be more than 4 of us…
  17. I was told my cards were graded on 3/23 and I paid on 4/2 but was told there were a couple of cards that needed the larger slabs and they were hoping to have them by the last week of April. When that didn’t happen, they told me it should be the last week of May and here we are…
  18. If you have a bulk order and have been told that your cards are in the slab room waiting on the larger slabs please comment in this thread. Trying to get an idea how many people are in this situation.
  19. Grading/Quality Control for about 2.5 months now. Paid on April 2…
  20. I’m wondering if it depends on the service level. Bulk orders are not getting the bigger slabs but rumors say that some of the more expensive service levels are…