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  1. My PSA order is sitting there since 10/26/20 in research and id. They all suck except sgc right now. Blame the base card flippers for clogging the system with 300 Tatis Jr cards for their small orders. If you're one of the flippers I feel bad for you. You're going to lose a lot of money.
  2. I wouldn't have sent in either. They should have waited to have the infrastructure in place to handle this.
  3. I know, he doesn't. This isn't bait and switch. That implies they knowingly did this. CSG is swamped and has poor management. I highly doubt this is the outcome they wanted.
  4. Bait and switch is the old car sales tactic. Get them in for a cheap model, say its sold and up sell the customer. I think your definition is off. Maybe you shouldn't be a little b**** and stop whining.
  5. How are they doing a bait and switch?
  6. I'm in the same boat. I'm past the TAT and have been told by customer service that I'm waiting on encapsulation. Delivered 3/11 and 4/1 when the system says received.
  7. I've had many cards purchased raw on ebay get graded for 9 and 10. If something is not in the stated condition I start a refund. You just have to do your homework and ask for extra images from the seller if you're not comfortable with their description.
  8. I had a brady rookie that was getting the same kind of talk. I listed it for $2500, last sale was 1100. I ignored the bs and guess what? Sold for $2500! Shoot for the stars, it never hurts asking!
  9. They're smart enough to say the turnaround times are estimates. There is no lawyer who would be willing to take on this lawsuit. This is why I sent in only five cards. You have to test it out before making the big investment.
  10. I went to Target last week and there was a huge amount of people waiting on cards. I asked the poor kid that was trying to contain the chaos and she said there was 38 people waiting to buy, insane!
  11. Is grading supposed to only be for collectors? Why is a bad thing to profit from a hot market? If speculators want to blow a bunch of money grading base cards let them, it's their money. I personally hope some of the young people who are starting to collect for the profit stick around. We need new blood in this.
  12. You're good then! I haven't done welding since high school. Everything I find that's affordable is a rust bucket.
  13. It's a money pit. The mechanical part isn't bad, but if you don't know body work it gets pricey quick! As long as they log the cards in quicker I'm ok with the wait. It's not income for me. I hate not knowing if my cards are secure or not.
  14. It was entered as received on 4/1, economy with subs and autos.
  15. My submission was received 3/11 and entered on 4/1. So three weeks to process. I wonder how PSA limiting submissions will effect this.
  16. It's happening already. My 3/11 order I'd still not in the system. They said they are working on 3/8 orders. They've been saying this since I originally called on 3/18. Too many orders right now. Maybe do a lottery system like HGA?
  17. I submitted my order 3/7, delivered 3/11. I called and emailed customer service on 3/18. They said they are working on inputting the 3/8 submissions. It's now 3/29, ten days later. I look in the system and still no update. I just called customer service and they said that the processors are still working on 3/8!!! Ten days and no movement. Customer service gave me the general answer of we are expanding our service and hiring more people. Shouldn't this have been put I to place prior to accepting submissions? CSG knows the market is crazy right now. Why wouldn't they have the infrastructure ready to go? It makes no sense to me.
  18. I've bought several cards off ebay that have come back 10. If you have questions ask for more pictures of the cards to make your decision. I've also returned cards that weren't as described.
  19. From what I was told they're getting a massive amount of submissions. I do comic books with cgc and it's always a good job that's worth the wait.
  20. My package was delivered 3/11 and still isn't in the system. Customer service said they are on the 3/8 orders.