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  1. right! i see some crazy slabs why would anyone pay the grading fee for some of these cards is nuts, I got Brady rookies not graded yet and dudes grading paper versions of Joe Shmo!
  2. sometimes its the etching, the etching could be off or flattened i guess, those cards tuff grades but a 7.5 harsh
  3. yeah i seen some recent psa reveals seen some harsh grades it might depend on the grader or sick of the reputation for being too lenient
  4. beautiful cards!! looks like im not the only one gettin green refractors to match csg ha , that kyle tucker card 💥🔥
  5. Hank Aaron 2021 Topps Now Hank Aaron Turn Back the Clock #1005993015
  6. Red Sox Retired Numbers. Any csg graded card of: Bobby Doerr Joe Cronin Johnny Pesky Yaz Ted Williams Jim Rice Wade Boggs Carlton Fisk David Ortiz Pedro Martinez Jackie Robinson Thanks! Hello, Thank you for the request. We will add this to our list of sets to consider.
  7. CSG is doing everything right in terms of grading (turnaround times etc. are another matter). Their slabs are the best in hand, and yet look the worst on a desktop or mobile. PSA is very entrenched and it will take a long time for anyone to catch up. But CSG is grading fairly, maybe even a bit too tough, and then putting your card in the best quality slab. And then they are selling for barely above raw lol. It makes no sense, but here we are. The only way for all prices to rise on CSG slabs is if a bunch of 10s go for big money, but there is no market being set because the 10s are so scarce. And maybe, MAYBE, the flip looks a little clunky with no subgrades on it. Sorry, I'm all over the place here. So bottom line: smart money is buying up cheap CSG slabs now for long term hold (for the investors). Quick flips is for SGC. PSA and BGS are a sh!tshow and yet will remain #1 and 2 for the foreseeable future. HGA is a joke, and yet if they go to just being a custom slab company (and not a grading company) they may come out looking like the smartest people in the hobby. End diatribe
  8. SGC has definitely slowed a bit. I got a 6 card sub that was received on 7/14 and is still in the received stage. Still much faster than the competition, but not as fast as they were about 2 weeks ago.
  9. Just here to join in and say "Same Here"
  10. Just to give a sense of where things are at: I have a 10 card economy order that is on business day 70, with a status of "Scheduled for Grading".
  11. My 2nd economy order was received 5/1 and is still in Scheduled for Grading. My first economy was mailed out 3 days before the second, and that order was shipping back to me on 6/1. Things have ground to a halt it seems
  12. Thanks for your thoughtful response. I was simply reaching out to those on the boards who may have had a similar issue in the past either with or without CSG. Not that you care, but since you’re here, the cards arrived after randomly bouncing back and forth between 2 post offices in different towns.
  13. Does anyone have experience with USPS Registered Mail? That is what my submission was mailed back as, but for some reason my package was forwarded somewhere in a different town than mine. I understand this is a USPS issue and maybe not CSG, but I was wondering if anyone has come across a similar issue and how to fix. I should note I have been trying to contact my local post office but have had no luck so far.
  14. How long after a sub has gone into Finalized / Imaged / Shipped is a tracking number provided?
  15. Whoa chill out man. I’m not feigning outrage. I’m not even really outraged. I’m just pointing out the fact that they are vague when it comes to this. They could have easily shared the link that you did. But they didn’t. That’s all.
  16. So we all know CSG is swamped with orders. My economy order was delivered mid March, entered on 4/23, scheduled for grading status for 2+ weeks, then grading/quality control for over a week. I decided to call to check in on the order. I hit 2 for accounting and just asked how my order was coming along because I hadn’t been charged yet. I was told the order is graded and ready to ship, but they couldn’t ship until I paid. So I gave them my cc number and was told now the order is ready to ship back. I don’t know how long it will be until they actually ship, but at least I know where in the process my cards are. And who knows how long it would have taken for them to send me an email for my cc number. So call them. Be nice. They were great on the phone. They are super busy right now and a lot of things are probably falling through the cracks. Squeaky wheel and all that.
  17. Agree 100%. I have 3 orders at CSG right now. 20+ cards, all vintage and I'm kicking myself for not going with SGC. I would have had all of these cards back by now with SGC
  18. LOL. I'm not laughing at you guys I'm just laughing at the situation CSG has created for not being absolutely clear on when the clock starts. From the example above April 1st would be the start date. I think ha
  19. I'm in a very similar situation, 8 card economy order, package opened on 4/23. Was stuck on scheduled for grading for a few weeks so I sent an email to customer service to make sure it wasn't something on my end holding it up. The customer service rep noted that I'm still within the 61 day turnaround time, so I guess those of us who sent in their cards before the turnaround time increase are subject to the new TAT. Also worth noting that a few hours after I received a reply back my status changed to "Grading/Quality Control". Coincidence? Probably
  20. But does received mean when you enter it into the system, or the day it was literally delivered to your location? For example, if my package was delivered on 3/18 but not entered into the system until 4/23 does the clock start on 3/18 or 4/23?
  21. Feels like everything has ground to a halt. My 8 card economy order has been “scheduled for grading” for 2 weeks now. Seems like last week and earlier once your cards were marked as received the process went pretty quick. Womp womp
  22. I think you'll get them back much sooner. Based off of other posts on the board, it looks like they move from "scheduled for grading" to "finalized/shipped" in about 2 weeks .