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  1. Rob 420 You are exactly right. and by the way, it certainly is not CSG's fault. The market dictates. Hopefully in time it will get better. It is only the perception that makes a BGS 9.5 better. The reality is they are the same.
  2. Just had a 1998 Kobe Bryant Kick Start sell for $110.00 It was a 9.5 grade with a sub 10 Two Beckett 9.5's sold for $253 and $288 recently. Even a PSA 9 sold for $150+ I expected some difference, but not to this extent
  3. They are listed on the left side as a grading company to choose. You will receive more hits if you just type in michael jordan csg though. I have tried it both ways and noted it on a prior post.
  4. My understanding is they will grade the card as raw. They will not go on the basis of only crossing it over if it receives the same grade, which is for BGS, PSA, and SGC only. You can still specify any grade is acceptable on those grading companies. But for the other odd ball graders, they will only grade it as a raw card.
  5. Just a heads up. I typed in Kobe and then picked CSG as the grader. It brought up 14 cards. I then typed in the search CSG Kobe and it brought up 46 cards. I do not know why this is, but thought it worth passing on to everyone.
  6. On the one hand, I am sorry to see the hobby come to this. On the other hand it gives confidence to all who purchase a CSG graded card, that it is genuine. Hopefully these people who care nothing about the hobby and only about $$ can be rooted out and banned by all the grading card companies. I just hope the myriad of forensic systems utilized, will not take out a collector who legitimately pulled the card from a pack and is excited about getting it graded. Only time will tell, I suppose.
  7. Gottsword: From a fellow Michiganer I wish you the best. I plan on doing the same thing but do not have a pop to split with. My sweet wife will do just fine as a substitute.
  8. Some great news. A recent sale of a 1996 Topps Kobe Bryant sold for $1375. It was a CSG 9 This is more than all of the recent PSA and BGS sales for the same grade. There have been a lot of sales in the past few days. I mention this, as I have recently sent in cards to be graded and look forward to their becoming a force to be recognized in the grading field.