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  1. Understand your reasoning, however "BGS 9.5 = PSA 10" is just plain false. They are two different companies with two different grading scales.
  2. "PSA makes up the VAST majority of this business and there was literally no way for CSG, which was JUST getting off the ground, could have anticipated the amount of cards at first. " Again. Any with 2 Brain Cells would have taken one look at your competition - Seems like you're unaware, but the massive influx of cards didnt just happen to PSA. It also happened to BGS and SGC. So , again, one look at your competition, which any business worth their salt would have done, would have quickly shown how bad of an idea cheap bulk was. Especially for a new company not yet scaled to handle bulk subs. "literally no way" - is just not true, sorry... And its also a bit dramatic.
  3. Hard to tell from the photos your posted - try taking some at an angle that shows the corners and that are clear. Also that centering is an 8. Not sure what grade you were expecting here.
  4. "literally no way that any card grading company could have ever forseen what was about to happen" Cmon now, anyone with 2 brain cells could have seen the same issues with bulk services creating bottlenecks that occurred at PSA , BGS, and SGC. Its not Rocket Science.
  5. Is the website still being "updated" ?
  6. Getting 7's and 8's on those .50 cent cards and now have to sell at a loss flooding ebay with garbage cards in CSG slabs and overall cheapening the look of the brand.
  7. Its not a double standard at all. They use a totally different grading scale - PSA / SGC gives out 10's at a significantly higher rate than BGS or CSG. Folks want 10's or they want to know why their card got a 9.5 (ie subs)
  8. So the "Grading/Encapsulation/Imaging" Stage , was pretty much to charge you early... ?
  9. Oldest was from 2011 Topps update (not a trout unfortunately ) - had 2 of them that 10'd All the others were from 2018 + No Topps Now cards
  10. So far at 30% hitting 10's (total of ~50 subbed so far) with 2 Perfects.
  11. Just about the same form as the PSA slab (CSG slab can fit the PSA sleeves , albeit snuggly) . However CSG has around 30% more plastic , making them thicker and more protective.
  12. The top part is what I filled in the form - "Image Variation" second attribute = "refractor" Yall dropped the Image Variation from the label for some reason. Please stop doing this...
  13. Vintage subs don't matter Modern - any card worth grading is worth getting subs on . If you're subbing 1 dollar base cards , either dont, or inspect the heck out of them and only send the ones that you think will 9.5 and above. Or else you're just throwing your time and money away. Also a bunch of no-subs on ebay just cheapens the look of the brand. Consistency is key.
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  15. return tracking information would be really nice to have.
  16. when selecting the set the only think coming up for series 1 and series 2 are the silver packs - anyone else getting this ? Is it missing from the database? Also , its not allowing me to add Allen and Ginter as a set , only a manufacturer , even though its a Topps set. Thanks!