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  1. March 25- 3 cards — still waiting
  2. Yeah I got 8 cards on 2 orders —waiting since mid-March — CSG is a joke sorry but when bulk sub groups are getting April orders back it show they simply could care less about the “small” guy I’m done with them HGA and SGC are on time and honest at least
  3. ok lets be specific--- do bulks group submitters get any preference over individual submitters?
  4. 100 cards — you will probably have a few bdays before you see them again — submit at your own risk
  5. Are bulk group subs given priority over individual submitters? I submitted my individual submission in mid March and still don’t have it--I also submitted with a bulk group in mid-late April same level and I already got that one back--can you explain ?
  6. 3 cards mid March have been billed — over billed - credited— billed again schd for grading since mid June still nothing CSG is a monkey f—ing a football right now
  7. Bulk group subs jumped the individual submitter — many bulk groups that submitted well after many individuals have received multiple orders back (with same level)— stick it to the little guy I guess is CSGs way
  8. Bulk is a mistake for a start up right off the bat
  9. If I submitted in March and early April and the cards have been input- am I to expect them in the 61 days that was the timeframe when they were input or the new 130 days?
  10. They updated economy from 61 to 135 days !!! WOW more than double —how sad
  11. Which kinda proves the point they don’t really have a consistent system it’s just grab a box from a pile and go
  12. ok my economy arrived 3/25 per UPS CSG acknowledged 06/02 -schd for grading 2 1/2 weeks ago and still nothing-- 68 days and counting --3 cards
  13. they already got at least $150per submitter--wait til that bank is gone then they will start to realize poor service kills business--HGA and SGC have solved the backlog issues and cust service issues--its good see some companies get it--even when SGC/HGA were backlogged they were upfront and communicated all CSG does is give generic scripted non answers
  14. everything is in the works at CSG just not results
  15. It's pretty clear these are not being met--not even close -- will you update them to be more accurate? 61 day economy is taking 70+ days minimum --please advise
  16. SGC is killing it right now — 10 days is long for them
  17. I got excited when my first (March 25) 3 card order moved to “schd for grading” — but that was 2 weeks ago and is still schd for grading — 61 day turnaround is a joke I’m at 67 “working days” and no telling when I’ll get them —sad
  18. 50 base prizm Luka’s rookie subs are worthless and creates massive backup just listen PSA CEO yesterday he said exactly that is a big issue with back logs quick flippers trying to make $$ on base rookies — HGA limiting subs is the way to go and don’t discount for bulk
  19. 22 bulk orders?!? no wonder these companies get clogged up sorry but bulk base prizms and other junk is the issue
  20. Waiting on pop reports cmon they can’t even stick to the extended return times — 3 cards rec’vd 3/25 still not graded— 4/13 5 cards still not in system — pop reports at the earliest 2022 along with the coming soon “ thicker card cases”
  21. Officially at 61 days on a 3 card economy - nothing- sorry but I wish they would stop taking bulk - grading prizm base and select base has slowed card grading companies to a halt— HGAs approach and system is working great - SGC has it figured out - what’s taking CSG so long??
  22. Wow so 4/5 is going to grading same level as mine which was delivered 3/25– I guess they aren’t using any method other than just grab a box from the pile and have at it