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  1. They have stated centering standards. See attached. These cards fall way out of 60/40 centering. And the bird has 4 soft corners..
  2. I said higher.. look at the cards originally attached. They have 70/30 centering. Maybe worse. And got 8s. Only the vintage
  3. 1 do you agree csg grades the back centering much weaker than the front? If not.. go look at 30 mint 9s graded cards.. you will see many of the backs are weak.. im ok with that.. but you have to state it.. 2. If you see the 2 cards attached to the orginal message.. they have worse than 70/30 front centering and still got an 8.. which should be a 6 under their stated standards.. . I find this happens a lot in thier vintage grading..but not modern.. It SEEMS like they have different standards for vintage.. the Larry bird attached also has 4 soft corners... yes 4 lightly rounded corners..
  4. My point is.. they do NOT have centering standards for the back of a card stated in any way. Do you understand that? I have seen many many a csg card that is a 9 mint.. but the back centering is closer to 70/30.. obviously they do NOT adhere to their standards on the card back.. i believe this is a horrible problem and needs to be fixed.. AND. it seems they are judging centering on vintage card much softer. I just received 2 different 8s with 70/30 centering on the card front.. and this seems consistent also.. They need to explain these issues on a public scale
  5. But after looking at hundreds of your graded cards... you do not grade the back under the same standards as the front... is csg going to update their standards for back centering?. Ive seen many cards with poor back centering get a 9... while im fine with this.. you are doing your reputation a terrible disservice by not stating your quality standards
  6. Csg has very specific standards for centering.. but does not mention the centering on the back.. i would like csg to comment on this.. after looking over dozens and dozens of cards.. this obviously does not apply to the back.. and these standards... also dont seem to apply to vintage.. .. i look forward to comments
  7. Delivered 3-24. No input. 9505512972321078415879 is my tracking to prove it.. is there any csg comment on this thread?!?!
  8. Do you grade the taller cards like 1976 topps basketball? Thank you