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  1. It took three+ weeks to acknowledge that my bulk (54 card) order had been received. Received: 5/4 No status change as of 6/11, still marked as "received." And now I see that the bulk turnaround time is estimated at 199 days. When I sent in the cards it was 30 days... then 60... then 80... now 199. In what service industry is that even remotely acceptable? I am resigned to the fact that I sent in cards from my personal collection and may never see them again. *poof* They are gone. It's incredibly frustrating and to be honest, emotional.
  2. You are helping clog the system up my man. It's your money, do what you want with it, but I have a feeling you watched a "make money with baseball cards" youtube video and jumped in head first.
  3. My cards were delivered at the end of March... Yesterday I received notification that they have acknowledged my order... almost 6 weeks later. I assume at this point I will receive my cards back late July or early August. Use that info as you wish.
  4. Today marks the 30th day from when my package was delivered, still no update. No acknowledgement of delivery. At what point do I start the insurance claim process? It absolutely floors me that they don't have someone who can acknowledge these deliveries. The logistics are not challenging, and it would put minds at ease. It's incredibly disconcerting.
  5. Shipped my first grading order on 3/17. I had never sent cards anywhere before and I was excited ... 50+ cards from my personal collection. These are my babies, my childhood. Still haven't been entered. I just want to know that my cards are there, take your time with them. I'm ok with that, but PLEASE tell me that the box arrived ok! USPS says it was delivered, but I don't know for sure until CSG tells me. I took out insurance, but losing these cards would really really hurt, emotionally more than financially.
  6. Do you think customers will be able to submit the cards in a one-touch magnetic case as opposed to a semi-rigid and penny sleeve? I hate jamming thicker cards into those sleeves.