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  1. Hope that gets fixed for you. One of one's for sure.
  2. Update- Delivery of a combined walkthrough and standard order arrived 4/1. Received 5/25 Current status in Grading/Quality control.
  3. 4/1 delivery. Tiers were Walkthrough and standard. Same shipment. All paperwork with package, WK written on all sides, cards in order of packing slip. Walk through should have been sent back 2nd week of April, standard should have been showing up now. Nothing entered in the system yet. 1st call to customer service I was told to call back in 2 more weeks, not sure what happened to your package. Josh with my 2nd call to customer service said it should be in the system by now, let me check and get back to you. No response 3rd call a week later was Ashley. She said she would talk with Josh and update me on progress. No response. 4th call to Ashley resulted in call us back next Tuesday which was 2 days ago. Decided not to call and take time from them helping some one else. At this point I'm hoping that once it does get opened that all cards go through in the 7 day turnaround process. Customer service has been as helpful as possible, just nothing they can do seems like. @Nicholeper, any help would be appreciated.
  4. Walkthrough delivered 4/1 not in system. Called 2 weeks ago and customer service said sometimes walkthroughs and express get missed and for me to call back in a couple weeks. Called today and customer service again verified they accepted delivery and said it should have been opened and entered into the system. Said they would email when they find my cards. Fingers crossed
  5. I stand corrected. Thats the latest sub I've seen back already by far. I'm still waiting on a walkthrough to be entered delivered on 4/2. I'll go back to eating crow.
  6. I sent my submissions UPS, date logged in as 4/10/21. I just received my express cards 4/23&4/24. I don't believe you.
  7. I had a walkthrough delivered on the 2nd of April and it is not in the system yet if that answers your question. Bummed about it as I would have been able to get in to a Goldin auction sooner than later.
  8. Are you guys accepting top loaders due to the shortage of semi rigids?