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  1. I concur, I kept getting invoices emailed to me, but didn't really know why, thought it was just part of their process. I listed my credit card info to be charged on the submission for just like every other grading company. After the 3rd invoice I called cust serv to find out why I keep getting emailed an invoice?? I was told the credit card info doesnt transfer over in their system so I needed to give her my credit card info. That information would be helpful in the email. So I wasted 3+ weeks thinking it was just "part of their process" She said the cards were already graded and would now go to the "slabbing room". That was roughly 3 weeks ago. My status is still "scheduled for grading" So if you get an invoice and you think you already gave your CC info, you best call.
  2. here is mine 3/15/21-USPS Delivered4/19/21-CSG Marked Status as Received5/11/21- Scheduled For Grading5/11/21-Itemized list able to be seen5/12/21-Invoice Received
  3. I am looking to get a thread going on this as well, my bulk order from 3/15 is now scheduled for grading. Does it usually take 1-2 days from that point? 1-2 weeks? would like to see what people are experiencing
  4. Hey, my 50 card bulk order received 3/15 just moved to "scheduled for grading" what are people seeing as time frames from this point forward?
  5. yes, this was the message, it was logged 4/9 and received 3/15 hope this helps. Thank you for your recent order. Attached please find a recap of the submission(s) received.For information regarding your submission(s), please visit CSGcards.comThank you for choosing CSG.
  6. for information purposes, my 50 card bulk order was logged as received today, it was delivered and signed for on 3/15 hope this helps people
  7. my sub delivered 3/8 is still not entered, for the record.
  8. my order delivered 3/8 still not entered yet either, was told last week they are on 3/8 orders. I will feel better once I know they actually have them the psa tracking by the delivery tracking # is a good feature that would help put minds at ease.