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  1. I got the same email and was told its for my mosaic gensis card. I have seen other genisis cards in csg cases so I do not believe this is the holdup.
  2. Is CSG .5 above lowest grade or a full point? Also which order do the categories go as far as weighted highest to lowest? 2 9.5, 9, and 8.5 what is best grade the card can get?
  3. anyone still missing check ins from late march to early april. Still not seeing my cards even checked in yet.
  4. they have been working on the orders from 3/15 since 3/15 apparently they have made no head way in 2 weeks plus as thats what I was told over two weeks ago.
  5. I waiting on cards for before this all these companies need to stop promoting grading until they can actually get cards graded on time.
  6. Cant handle my 50 cards but lets add on a submitter who will send in a few thousand at a time.
  7. Why would you add group submitters like cade and others when you cant even handle personal submissions? Than post about it on your page?
  8. They prolly shouldnt have added bulk grading from guys like cade and others if they cant handle people sending in on there own.