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  1. Just to clarify (again), This will automatically cross to a Gem Mint 10 with the new label, correct? I just send it in for the $10 reholder fee?
  2. March 15th received date here. Still waiting on half of my order...
  3. you'll have to provide some pictures. I have sent CSG vintage and was not surprised by the results.
  4. Bulk 50-card, received 3/8. I've called twice with no information given other than "we're waiting on slabs."
  5. It's a gimmick. Submitters would be better off buying their own 10x loupe and a bright light.
  6. To be fair, your is a unique situation. The vast majority of us are waiting longer-than-expected because of a scarcity of "thick" slabs that are being applied to express orders. And nobody has been up-front about it until this week.
  7. I'm at the 60-business-day mark from my bulk received on 3/8. It's pretty clear that they're getting limited shipments of thick cases in and then assigning to those cases to faster orders. Very few of the thick cases are being applied to bulk orders. It's really frustrating but it also makes sense to prioritize standard orders, so I can't be too mad. I just wish they'd come out and say: "we're overwhelmed and we're going to apply the thicker cases to higher-paying customers as we go."
  8. Mine has been in grading/quality control since mid-March. Sorry to say you're here forever.