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  1. Eyeing a Brady and Stafford RC but don’t know much about them. Anyone have any information? Thx.
  2. Wow!!! I knew it was more expensive, but I never took a close enough look. I just figured the marketplace was huge, so they would get more looks. The whole thing is just a letdown for people who simply want to buy a few slabbed cards. Unreal.
  3. PWCC responded. This is crazy to me.
  4. I’ve read a few posts regarding the final prices of listings from the marketplace. eBay suggested, in a message, that they don’t condone shill bidding and therefore pwcc listings will stop immediately. Crazy! Anyone have any info?
  5. Hi, all. So I found a listing for a Herbert auto. The card is hard signed, in-person and has a Beckett witnessed holo sticker on the back. My question is do authenticated in-person autos have a high value after they’re graded? Or is it smarter to buy an auto that has been pulled? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks. BTW the COA also comes with the card.
  6. Hey all! Does anyone have any idea about the release of a POP Report? Two weeks ago, I got back a 2005 Aaron Rodgers Turkey Red RC. It graded a Pristine 10 with 3 10s subgrades and 1 9.5. Pretty awesome, and I couldn’t be happier. The issue is that I have no idea what to list it for. I checked PSA, BGS, and SGC comps and sold/completed. But what if this Rodgers is the only CSG Pristine 10 of that specific card? Wouldn’t that raise the value of the card? I have no choice but to list it for a ridiculous price because CSG doesn’t have a POP Report. Does that make sense? I just want to know if you’ve heard anything other than “coming soon” regarding the POP report. Also, for those who know, what do you think is a fair listing price for that card? Any info would be appreciated. Thx, and have a good weekend.
  7. Wow! Are you happy with the grades? Can’t complain when 106 of 114 are 9+. That’s awesome! Congratulations. I have to say that I appreciate CSG’s grading. They usually tend to hit the nail on the head. In fact, I would call it a “tough grade.” Do you think they were accurate?
  8. jday68

    POP Report?

    Does anyone have any updates about when a POP report will be released? I have an ‘05 Rodgers Turkey Red RC that graded 10 Pristine, .5 away from sweet perfection! And there are interest buyers. But I can’t give potential buyers any information. Let me know if anyone has heard even the slightest online rumor lol! Thanks.
  9. Hi, Do you have any information as to when a POP report will be released? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, and have a good weekend.
  10. Sorry. I read original post wrong. I thought the question was priority between tiers and not group or individual subs. That said, it drives me crazy to pay for walkthrough but point is that I never had an issue getting them back on time. I missed the whole point to this thread. Apologies.
  11. Bottom line, and I hate to say this, unlimited walkthrough and walkthrough will take priority every single time. I currently have an express sub they received on May 2. Still waiting. I currently have a standard sub they received on May 3. Still waiting. And since that time I’ve also subbed three unlimited walkthrough, and all three were back to me within ten business days. I know it’s a brutal fact for us and a tough pill to swallow but if you want the cards back faster, then you have to pay for those top tiers.
  12. I’ve had a similar issue. Currently I have an Express and a Standard sub, and I know it’s going to take some time. But I also had a separate unlimited walkthrough, one card submission. The site suggested five business days. After the fifteenth business day, I started making phone calls and emails. I have to say if you remain persistent and have the tracking number to your order, their customer service dept. will help. They were able to locate my package and I received the card back today after being shipped out on Thursday. I know it’s frustrating but from my experience, if you continue to email and follow up, CSG will accommodate you. And as far as the turnaround times…I already know I won’t see the other two subs for quite awhile which is why I didn’t ask about them yet. Even with those issues, I still think CSG is way better than PSA. I don’t have $300 to grade one card. And I think that’s what they purposely set out to do. Only deal with customers who can afford it. Shame on elitist PSA lol!!!!! Good luck.
  13. Hey there, I just clicked on the completed/sold listings on ebay and this is what came up. Looks like 7-7.5 is the popular grade from csg even though that doesn’t mean much. IMO, Rice is retired so you don’t have to worry and watch his upcoming season. Because it’s not a time sensitive issue, I would go with either Express or even Standard if you’re willing to wait. Walkthrough doesn’t make much sense because you’d have to hope for an 8+ to make any kind of money. One thing I’ve quickly learned…collectors love their subgrades. Be sure to include that add on for $9. Good luck.
  14. I thought I was the only one having this level of fun!!! Paid for unlimited walkthrough over a month ago and that is still not in the system. Three different customer service reps and three different responses later, I’ve given up and, like you, just waiting to have fun on “system entry day”!!!!
  15. “I like what I'm seeing from resale values online so definitely plan to submit a bunch more.” Couldn’t agree more. That’s the first thing I did before joining two weeks ago. I tracked a few auctions and they’re very comparable. Good luck with the submission.
  16. Hey there. Personally, I appreciate being a member on the ground floor of a new and upcoming company. Simply put, there are “certain” grading companies that have made it impossible for me to support them any longer. The prices continue to soar while the waiting times continue to soar? How is that customer friendly? I wanted to find a reputable company that I can simply afford and also offers the customer choices. I believe I found that in CSG. Like many of you, I’m eagerly waiting to receive my first five cards back, all baseball with some pretty big upside. I’m genuinely happy there’s a message board as well! Good luck to all, and let’s get those 10s...9.5s are a good time too! Lol!