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  1. Better CSG get/got through the pain of changing the whole system and annoying alot of existing customers early into their life. Over time this will just be a blip and most in the hobby wont even realise it happened. The old labels I think will end up having some sort of collectability on their own as CSG is no doubt here to stay.
  2. If you are looking for quick flips CSG is not the company to submit to. Quality cards still seem to go for decent amount but base and low value stuff a 9.5 is about 30-40% psa10 value if lucky. Where CSG excels imo is the actual grading. They seem by far the most consistent and hardest graders in the market. This will bode very well over time as long as they keep these high standards. Eventually the market will get PSA10 overload and be looking for more options and the cream always rises to the top. A few higher end CSG sales and all of a sudden people aren't scared to pull the trigger. The label is purely a cosmetic aspect which i feel is almost an excuse nowdays. You can't tell me a PSA label looks good? Of course not but the value looks nice so you ignore it. Not so long ago BGS were right up there with PSA. Things change and can change very rapidly.