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  1. Thank you for getting back to me so promptly. Best, Greg
  2. Hi, I own the card in the attached image. As you can see from the image, the card has the name of the player and the top and the bottom--unusual but not super rare. Many collectors place a premium on this anomaly. Up until a few years ago PSA used to assign a grade to cards like this and then label it as a Double Name. Usually when these T206s have 2 names, the name on the top or the bottom (sometimes both) can be cut off. I am wondering if you can check with Andy or a senior grader to see if CSG would be open to grading the card with the Double Name identification but also not lowering the grade due to the fact the names are cut off? SGC does not identify the double name T206s and as a result put this into a 1.5. This card has almost no wear and no flaws so the 1.5 grade is just not representative of the condition. Thank you, Greg
  3. Sorry. I hope the rest of the cards do better but my experience with the one vintage submission I did was extremely disappointing. I think they may rely too heavily on AI for the grading process and I am just not one who is convinced the software is sensitive enough to really do the job of the human eye in interpreting flaws or irregularities.
  4. Didn't Express go from 15 Business Days to 30 Business days? Either way this is what I expected would happen with PSA essentially shutting down to new subs and SGC raising their base price to $75 per card. I doubt that CSG is prepared for the volume of material they will now be getting either. My guess is that they will increase the times at all tiers again very soon.
  5. Hi, I am confused about why CSG will not grade cards that "measure larger than the published catalog size'' however there is a tolerance for cards which measure smaller than published catalog size. Why is there no tolerance for cards that measure larger? I deal exclusively in vintage material and the size of an original card can vary. I would think a slightly oversized card would be more preferable than one that is slightly smaller. So if I submit a card that is slightly large and t will not be encapsulated will I be charged the grading fee? Thank you, Greg