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  1. Someone was talking about a discussion at the national, saying they talked to a CSG rep who said you can't get a 10 grade with CSG without paying for sub grades. In the same discussion someone else had said they'd subbed a card twice to CSG - a 9 the first time, resubbed and paid for sub grades and got a 10. Just wondering if it is accurate that a 10 can only be given if sub grades are selected? Thanks
  2. Noone is confused about what you're trying to say. It's simply inaccurate. As mentioned above, including this in the description is one thing. Having it in the title is keyword manipulation. It's not being creative as you think it is, it's being misleading and in effect spamming your listing.
  3. How long were you in the encapsulation imaging stage?
  4. So let's get this straight .. if you aren't keyword spamming, why are you putting PSA 10 in your title? PSA has zero to do with your card. If it's not keyword spamming, I'd love to know the reason you include that.
  5. You could stop putting PSA in your title when your card isn't PSA. But, yeah, it's Ebays fault that you're keyword spamming. No better than the PSA 10? posts.
  6. He's saying yes without saying yes. Read between the lines and notice the dodging.
  7. I'm starting to think I'll get my PSA bulk back before my CSG economy which isn't even checked in yet.
  8. I created a submission yesterday but don't have the page open anymore. I am looking to print out the submission form and mail everything in today but can't locate the completed form. Once you close out of the window, is it gone? Do I need to re-enter them? I figured I would get the form emailed to me once completed or it would show in my submissions tab. Thanks