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  1. 1999 Topps Chrome All Etch #AE20 Steve Young CSG 9.5 1008037153
  2. Jerry Rice set 1996 Pinnacle Zenith #149 Checklist - Jerry Rice CSG 9.5 1000738065 Hello, Thank you for the request. We will add this slot soon.
  3. Joe Montana set 1994 Select Canton Bound CB3 Joe Montana CSG 9 1004531011 1991 Fleer Ultra Performances #4 Joe Montana CSG 9 1001964019 John Stockton Set 1992-93 Topps #223 John Stockton CSG 9.5 1005822088 1993-94 Hoops #289 Jordan/Blaylock/Stockton League Leaders CSG 9 1000737025 Hello, Thank you for the requests. We will add these slots soon.
  4. Jerry Rice 1988 Topps football Scoring Leaders #218
  5. I have been happy with the CSG semi rigid protectors. They are a more sturdy build than Card Saver I and it was easier to slide the cards in. I have my own little wishlist for future CSG products: 1. Storage boxes similar to NGC 2. A display stand 3. Slab protector sleeves. What plans does CSG have for future products?
  6. I like the green but I don't like the way the border is uneven around the grade. It looks like a license plate tag. I would like it to be all around the label and either thinner, or with a stamp effect so that the white areas look like stamps.
  7. I understand the increase, the demand is high and they are being overwhelmed. I'm just glad it was a reasonable increase and not the tripling that drove many away from SGC.
  8. What was the first pack of cards you bought? For me, it was 1988 Topps Football. I was a ten year 49ers fan, and in the pack was a Jerry Rice. I was hooked, soon I saved up my money and bought a whole box of 1988 topps football. I had just moved into a new town and the common interest in cards helped me make friends, as it was the thing most boys did back then. Today I have a large Jerry Rice collection.
  9. As someone who also collects NGC coins, I love what the sister company of CSG does with the different colored inserts. One thing I do like about SGC is the black insert, but not all cards look good with it. I wish CSG would offer somewhere down the road to an insert option. They could charge and extra $5 or so. Am I crazy in thinking this, or would anyone else be interested in this?
  10. Is it just me, or do the labels need a bit of work when it comes to aesthetic appeal? I love the clear plastic and overall look of the slab, but the label seems like a mess. If it were up to you, what changes would you make to the label?
  11. I agree that they are not going to overtake PSA in the near future, but I could see them overtaking BGS in the near future and forcing the two big dogs into some innovation.
  12. I was doing SGC. I do a lot of vintage in my own collection, and I love their black inserts. But this increase is not affordable for my collection, which I was funding through selling slabs of cards I don't collect. I believe that CSG will soon overtake them for market share in modern cards. $75 a card is not affordable for most cards.
  13. I have not done BGS, but I am going to send in some SGC and see how it goes. If it goes well and the CSG resale gets on par with BGS, I'll probably move them over too.
  14. I collect NGC cons and PMG banknotes. They have done a great job of gaining market share in other collectables. I don't see them overtaking PSA any time soon, but it would not surprise me if in two years they overtaken BGS.
  15. I collect Basketball and Football. Basketball: John Stockton, 92 Dream Team, And ABA Utah Stars. Football Jerry Rice and old school 49ers.
  16. I've been watching ebay and have noticed a general uptick in what CSG cards are going for. With all the other companies having delays and price hikes, I think the trend will continue. I would be shocked if CSG does not overtake SGC in market share for modern cards over the next few months.
  17. How important do you think subgrades are? Has anyone noticed if CSG cards with subgrades are selling for more than those without? As a collector, I personally would rather have them on the label of the cards in my collection. For me it reduces the mystery of what is right or wrong with the card, and the labels without subgrades have a huge empty space. The question is; is it worth the extra money for cards you plan on selling?