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  1. How could the company not see this happening though? They literally watched it happen with every other company and yet did nothing. I don't think people are necessarily whining they are just expressing an opinion and wanting services that they paid for with this company. I mean if I watch you and three other people fall on a wet floor, then I fall on the same floor knowing its obviously slippery then I deserve to fail.
  2. Don't attempt to get any kind of assistance in the forums. It's just a bunch of fanboys or trolls. Sorry your order has taken so long it really isn't the best business model I've seen by far.
  3. This I believe unfortunately will be the last time I use CSG. They still have my standard order which is well past the "estimated" turn around time. I put a standard order in a month later than my order with a 3rd party submitter and I've had those cards for over a month now. The inconsistency is unacceptable.
  4. I think it's kind of a slap in the face to people that have been waiting for their orders to even be opened, that these companies had time to set up at the national show.
  5. I called the other day and was told they were opening packages from March still. I truly feel that this is unacceptable for people expecting and paying for faster turn around times. When my cards were received for standard on May 2nd it was at 45 day turnaround. If you are still opening packages from March it's impossible to say my turn around time is 45 business days. I really hoped that your company would be different than PSA or BGS but it seems that I'm on the path to getting similar results.
  6. People getting mad because CSG isn't handing out 10's like crazy smh. Now that PSA uses AI technology you won't be getting 10's from them either.
  7. I wanted to know the availability to have an Allen Iverson star power plus graded. I know the card is technically a die cut is it eligible to be graded at this time?