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  1. Nice, so the green label that I paid a reholder fee once now need to pay another $5 to get this label. Embarrassing......
  2. And why didn't the company start with this philosophy in the beginning? 3rd new label in 2 years, any of us who were encouraged by your offering as an alternative to PSA were hoodwinked. There will be so much confusion for new collectors and set builders around green label CSG, black label CSG, and now black label CGC. Probably going to ask for ANOTHER fee to change the label to the new one. You had a chance to be a significant player in the market, but have lost that opportunity and credibility by making continual changes and mis-steps.
  3. Maribeth, the link that shows up in the message received, noting no current slot available, takes you to the new set feed, not this one. Is there a way to have that updated so that link comes directly here? Or, maybe add a 2nd link if the 1st one needs to stay?
  4. Anthony Edwards set: 2020-21 Panini Prizm Instant Impact #1 Anthony Edwards CSG 9.5 1013306021
  5. I think you will get it back much sooner than a year. just saw that my bulk submission from the 1st week of September was shipped today! Hope yours move as quickly!
  6. Expansion of the Anthony Edwards Set, with the following numbers: 1002757037, 1014196001, 1002454064, 1006520008
  7. Anthony Edwards - #1002757037, #1003757005, #1006520010, and #1006520008
  8. Michael Jordan registry, additional cards #1004677204 and #1004677207
  9. I think that opening submissions means that they are logging those cards, which will then show "scheduled for grading". It is not an indicator of when grading will begin, but a way for them to say that if your date of delivery was to them the week of May 5th, then it is logged or will be logged soon.
  10. This happened to me today as well, but it also happened prior to receiving the grades on a couple other submissions with them. Grades were not far behind the last time. Optimistic that this case is the same.
  11. CardCollector77, did you indicate on the outside of the box that your order was Standard? If you didn't have the correct labeling on the outside, then it will be treated as bulk, and it will delay the process.
  12. I am sending my SGC 10s, they are proving impossible to move unless I try to sell at a steep discount. The crossover fee is very reasonable to boot, so it is worth the gamble.
  13. I think so, they were included in the drop down menu when I was adding cards to my cart.