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  1. It's always best to just pick up the phone and call.
  2. 2006 Panini Candy World Cup do you guys have any?
  3. I had the same experience but I knew this about FedEx. When I was shipping to CSG the FedEx rep mentioned they don't insure collectible. On the return shippment my package was lost. I think it was 2 weeks after scheduled delivery date that Fedex found my package. It's honestly more off a fedex shipping issue. I do hope you get your cards today.
  4. I've once used the cardbase app, you enter your card with the priced purchased and it gives you a profit loss graph based on ebay sales. Issues is they charge after 10 cards and a lot of cards not in the system yet.
  5. I know for me the card I input in the system didn't save on their system so they needed my info again. I suggest calling them to avoid delays.
  6. People should have also know delays were going to happen when prices were going to go up. Everyone was going to try and get their cards in before the price increase, and we saw it. Also there were a few holidays in that time and lets not forget I believe they had a few delays because there was a hurricane in Florida. Can't really complain too much for $8 grading lol.
  7. well, since it has a COA and a Beckett witness sticker it's definitely worth more and it will be worth more if it's graded and slabbed but it will still be valued less than an auto that has been pulled from a pack. If it's for PC than it shouldn't matter, if it's for investment or resale than your best bet is pack pulled.
  8. so I called today. Turns out one of my submissions wasn't charged so I'm guessing that's why it wasn't showing up anymore. The reps said my cards are ready to ship out. I paid so hopefully they update the info soon. Maybe that's the same issue.
  9. Same happened to me, 3 different orders in different stages showing all the card info and so forth now i can't even click on the link to take me to the info of the submission. When i search the submissions it doesn't even show up.
  10. Man, I have an express that was delivered one day after you on 5/28 and it's still in grading/Quality control. WTF? They posted the grades on my card then they removed them. This is getting out of hand. I submitted an economy test order at the end of March when turn around was 30 days. It's been 3 months and they haven't even been scheduled for grading. lol. At this point it might not have been worth the time, hassle and value.
  11. yeah, they reject a lot of older cards for this. They need to take into consideration that machines back in the day weren't cut perfect. I feel like they mark it as altered just so they can keep the money. It's getting ridiculous.