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  1. I was subbing through a group in the beginning when csg first opened and have subs that are still not finished I just received an express sub from April that was submitted through a submission group. I have received back multiple economy and express orders that I have sent in on my own though from may and June. So to answer I don’t think the sub groups get priority. Although I have heard that Dave and Adams is the only one that actually does get priority. But that’s just hearsay
  2. I have recently started seeing a few RPAs in CSG slabs popping up so we may be getting close to getting our RPAs back for all who are waiting
  3. It doesn’t really matter the value is only for insurance purposes you can put whatever you want basically just take a guess as for the service level use whichever suits your pocketbook but I would suggest sending that card express. For just the one it will come out to be $92 total with shipping. And you will have it back in 2-3 weeks. I have one on way back that was entered on 6/16 just so you can have a reference. Also if it’s your first order be sure to call accounting at csg to update your payment info or it will hold you up until you do
  4. You should be popping soon as I have just been sent out my bulk order from 3/26
  5. I haven’t been charged yet and all my sub grades are there so I’m not sure exactly how they are doing it I can’t exactly figure it out. I will call them later today. I was expecting an email for authorization which is what I was told would happen but I have had the sub grades for about four or five days but nothing from csg
  6. Can anyone tell me exactly when my card will be charged for my submission? Which stage? My sub is in the grading/quality control stage and I can see my sub grades but no email and card hasn’t been charged yet so was just curious as to when I should expect the charge to my account?
  7. Sent an express sub was delivered 5/24 entered in 5/27 and scheduled for grading 6/2. Seems alright to me. Just send better cards that are worth paying the extra money for express grading. If it’s PC Cards who cares how long they take to grade they aren’t going anywhere anyway. Just my opinion.
  8. Mine was delivered on may 24th and since then says available for pick up so clearly for three days it’s been sitting at the post office
  9. I was under the impression that on April 1st we could send them in and I use josh cases group submissions. I am pretty sure he already submitted them. Will csg just send them back or hold them awaiting the correct holders?
  10. Has CSG started grading the thicker card yet