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  1. Disappointed that grader of my cards couldn't tell post cereal from jello cards. Also had one variation that wasn't noted. What good are the notes at the bottom of form when submitting cards? One post card inserted in case opposite way of all other cards. Kind of annoying. Waiting for final 55 cards to come back. They've only had them since June. Actually sent to them in late April or early May. Maybe before Christmas?
  2. No. They all are listed as ineligible type.
  3. So will I get a refund for these 10 cards not graded?
  4. I agree. Had the same things happen to me. So far, out of 213 cards submitted , 16 have come back with no grade. 10 we're from the 1965 Topps Football set and 1 other 1978 Topps Football card was straight out of the factory set. 1 other 1971 Baseball card was flagged for trimming, 1 card was an Autographed card from 1966, 1 submission was a cutout from the 1954 Sports Illustrated magazine and 2 were Mantle cards I bought on E-Bay that I wanted verified if they were legit. Even sent a letter with the shipment asking them to call me if they had questions. No response. I have a ton more cards I was going to suit to CSG, but I think I'll try a different company.
  5. Has anyone else submitted 1965 Topps Football Cards to CSG for grading? I sent 10 in, only to have all ten come back as ineligible type. I did not see anything that said they do not grade these cards on their website. Also, these are all original cards I have had since 1965 when I was a kid. No cards have been altered. I have also had 2 cards come back as evidence of tampering. One I submitted was pulled out of a set I owned that came from the factory. The other I bought on E-Bay and I have no way to prove it's not trimmed. I did match it against another I had and cannot see any difference in the size. Maybe the inspector thought it was too good to be that perfect.
  6. I believe I had one returned that had the same thing. It is a 1954 Bowman Mantle. I purchased it on e-bay and did have a crease in the middle but not on the corners. Now I see a crease in the bottom left corner.