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  1. Yes, they said it would transfer to a gem mt 10. Looks like holding the green pristine 10s is the smarter choice, unless the market grants the black labels a higher premium.
  2. Yeah but it was 55:45 for one side only—the other dimension has to be 50:50. A Youtuber captured this prior their recent update which loosened the policy. Them not specifying now in writing means it can be 55:45 for both top/bottom and left/right. I think that’s way more reasonable.
  3. The ratio we used to get 9.5’s are hopefully now going to be the ratio we get 10’s. Seems like this makes more sense than the previous scale where basically 10’s just don’t exist before 1990. HGA was doing this stingy nonsense as well, but they don’t have quality slabs or a proactive marketing team to rebound from this mistake. It already appears as if CSG is going to become a strict version of SCG; same grading system, just harsher grading (55:45 allowed for one side only?!). SGC uses the 9.5 Mt+ scale. The important part is 10’s need to be achievable. The hobby demands it, otherwise they just stop grading with them. edit: I stand corrected on the 55:45 rule. Either they loosened up on it or I misread it a few days ago.
  4. Gotta think of the overhead that comes with sub grades. They probably have to record each one and pass it to another stage or company rep for slabbing. Seems small when looking at one order, but scrapping the mandate of filling out 4 columns of data per order and probably doubles speed and saves hundreds of man hours per year.
  5. As someone who almost never got sub grades this sounds more reasonable than charging them $5 per.
  6. Solid label, really great job over the last year by CSG from pop reports to registry to now this. Would like to see the old $8 price tag for bulk again, or maybe quarterly specials? But I’m sure that’s on deck for when the next sports card slump comes.
  7. Unfortunately ‘81 isn’t a hugely valuable set. I would single out the Nolan Ryan and Rickey Henderson (2nd year) cards as being the most sought after. Tim Raines and Fernando Valenzuela RCs have value if very high grade, but this is rare and CSG isn’t even handing out 9’s for these years unless they are flawless. With CSG you aren’t going to be flipping for profit on ‘81 unless these few cards look PRISTINE and can get a 9 or higher.
  8. Hi, is CSG already trying to create an all-encompassing Hall of Fame Rookie baseball registry. If not I would like to formally request it!
  9. Hey CSG, I would recommend creating an app that hosts your registry, user accounts, orders, chat forums, pop report (once online), etc. The sports card market has a demand for this, but no one has delivered in a satisfactory way. The closest to a working model I’ve seen is CardLadder, who only seek to chart out card value. If you create a mobile platform that allows users to interact with the data AND each other, then you would be setting a standard as well as growing your sports card community.
  10. Hi! Please add a slot to the Alec Bohm collection: 2020 Bowman Platinum Top Prospects #TOP-32 Alec Bohm CSG 9.5 1008363041 Hello, Thank you for the request. We will add this slot soon.
  11. Please add player slot to 2021 Topps: 2021 Topps #321 Casey Mize CSG 9.5 1008363018
  12. Please add the baseball 1991 Pro Visions set 1991 Fleer Pro Visions #6 Jose Canseco CSG 8.5 1008363034
  13. Hi, please add a slot to the Bo Jackson collection: 1991 Fleer Pro Visions #5 Bo Jackson CSG 9 1008363036 Thanks!!
  14. Yup, makes total sense this week of submissions will take so long. They had to have had a HUGE surge because they announced the cutoff date of 28 April or something, so anything arriving first week of May has most of the old $8 bulk orders.
  15. I just entered G/E/I after waiting a month in S4G, how long were you in it?
  16. Delivered 4/23, “received” 6/29, stuck in “scheduled for grading” status. Took 2 months to enter into the system and 2 months to enter grading. I assume now I should wait 2 months in grading phase, 2 months slabbing, and then 2 months delivery? I understand it’s impossible to judge how much business you’re going to get, but if you’re unable to deliver on conditions when the customer agrees to pay then you should be compensating the customer for violating your side of the agreement. This is no way to do business. CSG isn’t the only company guilty of this but this is a CSG board and it’s not acceptable.
  17. 0.0? Man what kind of cards were you submitting. 😄
  18. Hi CSG! I just want to ask if there are talks of starting a registry. It seems registries build value and any CSG collector or investor could benefit from such a thing. Sorry if it’s been asked before, but there is not easy to find search function to see if it’s been asked already. Thanks!
  19. Thanks. I think mine was delivered around 4/15 and 4/28 so I was wondering what the deal was on system entry