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  1. @CGCRyan See my post above this. Looking to get this clarified Since my slab doesnt mention anything about auto. https://www.csgcards.com/certlookup/1003567020/ There is 3 total grades of this card. Wondering if the other 2 are the non-auto version. There is an exact version of this card that is not an auto and likely thats what the POP report for this card is showing.
  2. This is a bit frustrating. I just got 360 cards graded back in the last week that were submitted at the card show so i just submitted these 3 weeks ago. And a thousand others in the last 2-3 months I just got back. And now we're expected to send every single 9.5 back in and pay $5 to get a 10 on it? Obviously we need to, for those not more involved in the business that don't know its the same card level. Out of over 1,000 cards. I got 2 pristine 10's. That was frustrating enough, now all these 9.5's wouldve been 10's on the new scale.
  3. Got a question on this one. 1003567020 Im thinking the POP report for this card is displaying the NON-AUTO version of this card as nowhere on the slab or POP report does it mention auto. Can you verify the other 2 that are showing on the POP report are in fact the auto version? Would this have to be sent back to CSG for the change if its in fact wrong?
  4. Ryan, So I dropped off about 370 cards to get graded. But I received no receipt or "proof" that I dropped them off. How long does it normally take to get entered into your system for show dropoffs?
  5. The booth numbers of every single company was on a directory or im guessing you could've just asked someone lol. They were there
  6. Is there any sort of limits to submissions? Can be any service level and no quantity limits?
  7. i like them, you would think they would have a better overall response there a throwback from the 1953 set, famous cards from that set is the Satchell Paige and i think Jackie Robinson, hand drawn cards do good if the art is good sometimes the art sucks and doesnt resemble the player very good, sonetimes collectors dont get what makes sense, for ex theyll buy an update rookie print run of 100,000 but wont buy topps total print run of 600-1000, thats less then most refractors, the topps Gallery are terrible not drawn very well, the Soto rc looks nothing like him, Thanx made me wanna buy some topps living set now they are really nice!
  8. Sub grade on the back. With thinner label on the front
  9. What was the deal going on in NY with Submissions? Im about an hour from valley forge and was about to send in a lot of cards on bulk/economy.