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  1. I guess the answer really lies with what your goals are.  If you simply want to protect the card, assure it is authentic,  have a grade for registry, etc, then go ahead and grade it.   If you are hoping to increase the value by a huge amount, then I wouldn’t.  The bottom left corner is pretty well nicked and it looks like on the backside, a few corners have some issues, so I don’t see it grading any better than an 8,  on the very high end, but it would likely end up lower.  There are plenty of NM and NM/MT Kobe’s out there, so that is why I say it won’t add a tremendous amount of value by grading.

  2. I have done about all I can do to help raise prices of CSG graded cards, Lord knows how many I’ve bought on eBay and the countless others that I bid on, didn’t win, but helped push the final sale price up.  The downside is when I want to sell a CSG graded card, I would be better off throwing it in the trash and walking away.  For what little I get for them, it is hardly worth the time getting them listed on eBay,

  3. On 8/29/2023 at 5:27 PM, northkorea said:

    What does grade SU mean? Does it stand for status unavailable?

    I wonder if they graded it, but it didn’t fit the standard holder, but was too thin for the thickest holders.

    I believe it means service unavailable, but am not home at the moment to look.  I do believe it was graded, but then didn’t fit their holders in the end.  Not sure why some are apparently getting graded and encased but mine didn’t.  Perhaps they barely fit and there is some variance in the size of each coin, but no one has explained the real reason to me!

  4. On 8/26/2023 at 11:29 AM, UncleTed said:

    Just fyi for anyone doing the reholdering for cards from registry sets.   The new CGC pics do not automatically replace the old CSG pic in the registry.. BUT !!!  you can just click on the pic and you'll find a 'replace with CGC image'  button.   It flips it right over to the CGC image..  Now just have to do that about 500 times .. heh 

    Thanks for the tip.  I had my pristines go thru the reholdering process this week and I was saddened when the old pics were still there, but tried your suggestion and all is well in Junk Wax Land.

  5. On 8/19/2023 at 2:58 PM, northkorea said:

    I finally got around to checking out their listings… VERY overpriced… like their prices are higher than I would expect people to ask for the same cards in PSA equivalent slabs.

    I checked out their cards about a week ago and ended up making an offer on 2 cards which they accepted.  Not saying I ended up getting a crazy good deal, but felt I paid a reasonable price for them.  

  6. My opinion is mixed.  I moved up to 4th place overall from 17th place, so I suppose that is a win.  But my Chipper Jones set is now 477,xxx points, which is 4x greater than my Brooks Robinson set.  Before, the Brooks set was scored higher and I probably had invested more $ into the Brooks set.  It seems the big change is they now give gem mint 10’s far more points now.  I have countless $10-$20 gem mint Chippers that are now 8,754 points, so that has really boosted my score.  The side effect is that my very expensive Chippers such as the 1991 Topps Tiffany in a 9 and 1991 Topps Desert Shield in a 8 are scored with less points than those 10’s.  I suspect that over time, they will adjust some of these score.

  7. What, you aren’t going to shell out 25k to have them relabeled and probably 5k in shipping costs???   All kidding aside, I’m most worried about the green labels.  I think the current label is similar enough to the new one, there won’t be too much confusion on those for now.  But certainly over time, as new people get involved in the hobby, they won’t know what CSG was and I am sure it will have an impact on CSG graded card values.

     Maybe I made my decisions for the wrong reasons.  I certainly liked saving money, which is one of the main reasons I came to CSG because their $8 introductory grading fee was too sweet a deal to turn down.  But I still think they have the best slab out there and I was trying to support an up and coming company (in card grading), so we would have more competition.  Now in hind sight, had I went with PSA, sure I would have had more upfront cost, but I would be money ahead already, not to mention that my cards would be worth 1.5x-2x more!  PSA must be laughing their butts off hearing this news knowing this is going to help keep them #1 for even longer.

  8. On 6/20/2023 at 11:15 AM, Matt Tryg said:

    Nice, so the green label that I paid a reholder fee once now need to pay another $5 to get this label.  Embarrassing......

    I feel the same way!  I paid to relabel many cards from the old green label to the current label.  Now I have around 900 CSG slabs and there is no way to justify spending almost $5k to relabel all of my cards.  You try to support an up and comer and promote competition and where has that gotten me?

  9. That card isn’t overly valuable as a CSG 10, at least in relation to the grading fees.  Like NK said, it will receive a very low grade.  I don’t find it unique enough to add any value due to its issues.  If it had a completely wrong back on it or something like that, it might add a little value for the right person, but I just don’t see it here.  If it is a card you hold dear and want to protect it, go ahead and grade it for that reason, but if you are grading it to simply add value, I wouldn’t.

  10. On 12/5/2022 at 4:57 AM, C-n-T22 said:

    Whats the market like with the Junk Wax era cards these days?

    I would say in general for baseball anyway, it’s pretty bad these days.  Looking at eBay, there are many CSG Mint 9 cards that can’t sell and they are priced under $10.  Now, for something that is highly desirable, I think the market is doing better, not at its peak from a few years ago, but still holding its own.

  11. On 12/2/2022 at 8:03 AM, Maribeth 1694433772 said:


    Would you please send an image of the coin and label to registry@CSGcards.com?  Once I have the image, I will reach out to the graders for assistance.  


    I will once I have received the coin back.  It was just graded and I am waiting for the shipment.  

  12. On 10/19/2022 at 8:56 PM, KennyJames73 said:

    I am sorry everyone working long hours and for some reason I don't have my notifications on my phone turned on for this website but I can't add my photos because for some reason it exceeds the 4.88 mb to post it my Facebook is Kenny Davis with a dog as the profile pic I'm really wanting the help.

    Were your pictures supposed to be posted to your Facebook page? If I landed on the right Kenny James, I didn’t see any pictures of cards. Can you save the pics to your computer and then upload from there?  You may have to use some basic editing software to get the file size down to the cap.  I know with IPhones, you can email pictures and it will ask what size photo you want sent. In this case, I would pick the option for the largest file size that is under the cap.  I hope this gives you a few options to have the pictures uploaded.  If all else fails, maybe the good folks that moderate this forum would be able to upload the pics for you.

  13. On 10/18/2022 at 8:58 AM, Maribeth 1694433772 said:


    In some cases, such as bulk orders, CSG security images are not available.  Our team has reviewed our database and unfortunately, we do not have images for these cards.  You may take your own images and upload them to your inventory.  We apologize for the lack of availability of the security images.

    Thanks for the answer Maribeth!

  14. On 10/17/2022 at 2:31 PM, Dylan-CGC said:

    Hello Junk Wax Addict,

    I see that there are images associated with the cards in your inventory. Is this still something that you are having an issue with?

    These 3 were purchased off of eBay and apparently the previous owner must’ve deleted the images, as they aren’t showing in my registry and weren’t there when I added the cards to my registry.

    1975 Topps #280 Carl Yastrzemski

    1992 Bowman #28 Chipper Jones

    1999 Upper Deck Black Diamond #8 Chipper Jones

  15. I’ve had several instances where I’ve purchased cards and the previous owner had deleted the card’s images in the registry, so when I add the card to my registry, there are no images.  I was wondering if there is a way to recover those, as I really like having the images in the registry.

  16. I just received my latest order from CSG and noticed that the slabs were much cleaner with much less chaff from the packaging inserts than any previous order.  I’m not sure if this was just a fluke, but I sure hope it’s not and they’ve made some permanent improvements to their packaging.  It also seemed like the edges of the slabs were more smooth, as I didn’t snag my rag nearly as often when wiping them down.  Anyone else have similar observations?

  17. No, taken directly from CSG’s site, “Cross at Any Grade: If you would like your PSA, Beckett* or SGC-holdered card certified by CSG even if CSG determines that it will receive a lower grade, specify CROSS AT ANY GRADE.
    *CSG treats Beckett BCCG encapsulated cards as raw cards. BCCG cards will be removed from their holders and crossed at any grade.”

    So you would need to crack the case and submit it as a raw card.