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  1. Scottish Punk: I am nodding my head to everything that you've said. I refuse, however, to switch to SGC. Their slab is simply sub-standard in terms of quality and security. The black tie "look" is nice for some cards, however, the slab itself is not what I am looking for. The resale value of SGC slabbed cards is weak, unless you're looking at some specific vintage cards. PSA is a behemoth and basically does whatever they want to do. Their use of pop control on key cards throughout sets, especially for cards in the 80's and 90's, is a scam. See here for evidence: I would love for CGC to significantly up their game as it relates to their sports cards grading. I've just not seen it happen and we're more than two years into this venture of grading sports cards with CGC. The simple fact that someone from CGC can't even respond to what people have placed in this thread, outside of the prior milk toast response above, is evidence that CGC is not truly interested in feedback from their sports cards collector base. I wish the moderator of this forum would send this thread to Andy Broome, who I do respect and get him in on the thread and then having him influence CGC cards to take some aggressive marketing action in relation to their sports cards grading. I suspect that if CGC offered grading for $7 per slab and then marketed that price point throughout the year for vintage, modern, and ultra modern specials, including on new releases, they would gain a greater following. I would time their grading "specials" to coincide with those of PSA and simply work to undercut PSA and SGC with lower grading fees. You're totally right about their vintage vs. modern vs. ultra modern grading. They need to tighten up on vintage and relax a bit on modern and ultra modern. A 30 percent gem rate, paired with the non-existent marketing and myriad changes to the slab and flip, has been and will continue to be a recipe for disaster. I have a decent amount of vintage in CGC or CSG slabs. They will all be cracked and submitted to PSA when they issue their next vintage grading special. I simply have no market to work with as it relates to those vintage cards in CGC or CSG slabs and I refuse to take overly rigid and harsh grading on the modern and ultra modern side of things. CGC has one thing going for them: the industry standard quality of their slab. That, along with grading specials that set a price point that significantly undercuts PSA's ridiculous prices (still imo) as well as SGC's low quality slab is the route I would strongly recommend CGC move in to keep their sports cards grading alive. Otherwise, like I said earlier, their sports cards slabs will become entirely irrelevant in under 12 months time and Andy Broome will be out of a job.
  2. I appreciate each and every comment/post on this thread. What I find so frustrating about CGC is the lack of marketing their sports cards slabs. They are the BEST slabs, bar none, in the industry and hobby. For the life of me, I don't know why they don't do more to promote all of the positive things that you all have said on this thread. They need to stop being so hard on modern cards with their grading and get RID of 9.5's. We need more CGC slabs in the market right now. That will take hard work, intentionality, and creative marketing to get people to grade with CGC sports cards. Honestly, I think they care more about grading other things like TCG, Comics, coins, etc. than they do for sports cards. It's time for CGC to decide: are they going to really continue to engage in grading sports cards, or not. I agree that they are great for collectors, but if you EVER plan to sell them at any point in your hobby journey, be you a collector, flipper, and/or an investor, you will get pennies on the dollar for their slabs because there isn't enough supply or demand in the market for their graded slabs to warrant a person paying a premium consistent with PSA and, to a lesser degree, BGS and SGC. I hope someone from CGC can respond to this thread again and tell us what they are planning to up their game. I just cracked 13 CSG and CGC slabs in the past 2-3 days for submitting to PSA for their special for modern at $15. It's totally worth it to do so at that price point given that CGC is only a few bucks less and I can get a far better return and liquidity by selling with PSA. I've got another stack of CSG and CGC slabs that I plan to crack and submit to PSA in the next few days...CGC, get your mess together or I won't own a single card in one of your slabs in a year or less. Not one.
  3. Okay, thanks for the prompt reply. The Gem Rate data is considered by most, if not all, within the hobby as industry-standard. Your sports cards Gem Mint 10 rates are the lowest between the big four grading companies and almost a full 15 percent lower than PSA's. That is KILLING you all in the market for those who desire Gem Mint 10 grades which, we all know, carry a premium in terms of resale value (not everyone is a collector). How about you lighten up on the grades for Gem Mint 10's and start getting aligned with the big 3 in terms of Gem 10 rates? And, 9.5's? They are considered 9's by just about any person you ask - get rid of the 9.5 grade. The 9.5 grade carries no more value than a CGC 9 and most people I know in the hobby would take a PSA 9 over a CGC 9.5. It's meaningless and is one of the main reasons people do not grade with CGC. It's either a Pristine 10, a Gem Mint 10 or a 9. Get rid of 9.5's. Also, I am well familiar with the new label - I like it but, that's been going on for months now. I'd like to see you all do more promotions around grading fees that are lower for all types of hobbyists (collectors, dealers, flippers, etc.). Most of the companies are running cool promotions like that and I do not see CGC doing ANY of that type of marketing around grading fees that are lowered via promotions that are hip and generate buzz. Get creative and start trying new cool things! Not everything is going to "hit" but at least you'll be doing something aka marketing to get the word out more about how great CGC is (which you are but nobody hears about it!). CGC slabs the obviously the best in class slabs anywhere...start leveraging that by lowering the grading fees and undercut PSA. PSA is still charging $20 for bulk which is ridiculous. People continue to use PSA though because their slabs have the greatest liquidity and hold the greatest value (it's not because their actual slabs are better than yours!). I'm going to be blunt: if CGC doesn't get it together and start pushing their services for sports cards grading -and hard- in 2024, there will not be any more sports cards grading at CGC, moving forward. CGC CLEARLY has the BEST slab of all in the market. Maybe it's time to really start marketing all of the great things about CGC graded sports cards and stop using TCG, comics, coins, and other items being graded as a crutch/excuse for why you're not moving the dial on the sports cards grading front. Y'all need to ramp up your marketing big time if you're going to be anywhere close to relevant in grading sports cards. That is, unless your planning to drop the grading of sports cards and focus on TCG, comics, coins, etc. exclusively. Don't become the next HGA...I've been behind you all since late 2021 with the sports cards grading but things need to get better and quick. Otherwise, I don't know that I'll ever grade another card with CGC and that's just me being honest. If you're a collector, it may be different but I both collect and do sports cards as a business and right now CGC graded sports cards need a "jump start" and soon. I own three businesses that are successful, I have a doctorate, and know how to market. How about I consult a little for you all and we get this sports cards grading thing turned around? Blackstone, Fanatics, and CGC...let's go!
  4. Greetings, According to the December Gem Rate data, CGC graded a mere 6,000 sports cards last month. What in the world is going on CGC with your sports cards grading? Three quarters of my slabs are in CGC holders! I may have to start cracking them out and getting them into a competitor's slab if things don't improve soon with your numbers of sports cards graded. Why not try lowering your prices? Why not try some innovative marketing strategies? Why not try improving the liquidity of your sports cards slabs? Something has got to change with the CGC sports cards grading because a few more months of this and the slabs are going to be worth the same as HGA, TAG, and Arena Club...
  5. That sounds like a great idea! Ryan: is that something CSG would consider?
  6. No worries and many thanks, Ryan. Your customer service has been a lifesaver for me over the past year and a half. I appreciate your follow up!
  7. I understand that, but "Re-grade card" is not currently an option on the CSG Services & Fees landing page on the website. What I don't want to have happen, is to pay for the regrading fee -which, for me, will be double the cost of the re-holder fee- and not have the cards re-evaluated for potential Gem Mint 10 to Pristine 10. I do plan to re-holder all of my cards in the Black Label holders as well as have my Pristine 10's in the Green Label placed into the new Pristine 10 Holders. So, how do I go about ensuring that my order is processed correctly? Is there someone I need to speak with about this or some other way for me to guarantee that this is done correctly? I am doing monthly shows and selling online and don't have the energy, time, nor patience to deal with issues that go awry with my subs. As always, I appreciate your insight, guidance, and feedback, Ryan.
  8. Ryan: thank you for providing these insights. What service do I need to select to have my CSG Black Label Gem Mint 10's reviewed for a CGC Pristine 10?
  9. Micky 8 -- I agree with every single thing you've said. PSA sucks a dead donkey's butthole on vintage. CSG and SGC are way aligned; more than people think, as you stated. CSG is becoming more accepted too. I've been auctioning CSG slabs, many of which are ones that I want to get rid of to lower my inventory, and I am getting pretty comparable auction sales to PSA. It's improving which is so needed!
  10. You make great points, all. How do you think CSG is doing with marketing their grading services?
  11. I'd love that...I would probably roll the dice more often than not. Would you do the same?
  12. I agree with just about everything you said...thanks! What do you think the best price point would be for CSG to cost out their grading services for bulk?
  13. Great points Micky 8! I agree with nearly everything you mentioned. I guess I have to be patient. I have sold some CSG slabbed cards for just under comp's as well...it's just going to take some patience and time. Still, I'd like to see CSG ramp up their discount and really try to undercut SGC and BGS. In terms of PSA, everything you said I agree with! Thanks for responding brother!
  14. Yeah, I agree with the 9 or 10. PSA's reliability sucks a dog's butt. CSG is far more reliable and accurate with their grading. It's just been nearly impossible to move cards in CSG slabs. I appreciate the hung over part about PSA though and would add potentially stoned graders at PSA as well.