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  1. Let me explain this clearly. I put BGS 9.5 = PSA 10. Meaning that a BGS card graded a 10 is equivalent to a PSA 10. Which is true. I did this because many people think PSA is the best there is when it comes to Grading which is absolutely not true. They pull the most money but PSA is all about giving a 10 grade to cards that are not deserving. Especially to customers who spent lots s of money with them. My goal was to assure people that what they would be buying is top notch & to not believe the hype. Never crossed my mind to put something that was not true in my title to get more views. Does that make sense or do you need me to explain further.
  2. Saying a grading companies graded card is equal to a PSA graded card is not keyword spamming. They are labeling the cards counterfeit and they can never be sold on ebay again. If I were to sell the card on another platform and that person put the card back on eBay it would result in their account being permanently suspended for being counterfeit. Regardless of key words.
  3. Never said it was PSA. I said BGS 9.5 = PSA 10. The vast majority of the time that is true. Even if you wanted to consider it keyword spamming. That would not make it a counterfeit card but thanks for the input. You should probably submit your resume to ebay or PSA.
  4. I had a BGS card done the same way and told it was counterfeit. I thought maybe it was because I had BGS 9.5 = PSA 10. So my brother put it on his account without that wording. eBay permanently and irrevocably suspended his account for activity detrimental to the eBay community. I believe they took it off my account and flagged it as counterfeit due to my wording because they are partnered with PSA but because they took it down and labeled it as counterfeit. It was then permanently flagged as counterfeit and that's why my brother's account was suspended. eBay is now a bunch of corrupt turds just like PSA. I switched to Mercari and it is a way better environment.