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  1. Yeah. It was 3 weeks after payment that they moved along.
  2. I was in that status for 3 weeks. Just moved into "Grading/ Quality Control "
  3. People are upset at the expectations that CSG provided. When I sent my cards in on April 2nd they said 31 business days. They were still opening packages from end of February (before they put up that nice tracker to tell us what week they are opening) Being mad when a pizza place said 30 minutes for a pizza and ended up taking 90 minutes. That is the level of miss they had on their "estimates". If they would've said 100 business days I would've changed the cards I sent in. We aren't wrong for being upset. Set realistic expectations and that is what your customers will believe. Don't market 30 business days and say it was over 100 because it was only an estimate.
  4. So I paid my due invoice about 10 days ago and when I talked to the accountant she said my cards were graded. In my account it says they are scheduled for grading. Can anyone clear this up? Are they graded? When can I see the grades?
  5. Been scheduled for grading on a 10 card economy order for a week. Received on April 6th. Today is 57 business days with holidays... Am I close?
  6. On April 28th CSG was working through orders on March 15th. Does anyone know what date they are currently on?