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  1. 1) You have some valid points in that I did send lower end cards and mid range. It was my first sub with a new company so wasn’t sending anything over $400. At the turnaround times stated I didn’t send junk at the time. With PSA, etc we knew they were backed up. I don’t think getting cards delayed but 5-7 months from a new company was expected when they had time to prepare for it. 2) I can assure you I’ve submitted ten of thousands of cards in the last 8 years. I’m very understanding of bad and good grades. I do clean and pre-screen most cards. Most times I have done by someone who does for living. However, if you send 50 base prizm rookies that’s surface has been wiped and weren’t already graded. Most times 10 at least would 9.5. To get 1 sounds odd. ( and no I didn’t just send commons and base Prizms. This was bulk with no subs order as example.) My orders came back based on service at varying times. My point was I think in trying to be most difficult grader they grade down newer stuff. The 86 mid stars I sent for fleet basketball were graded similar to other companies. 3) the resell is way down here. Maybe it’s because most people don’t send big cards to CSG like me. Maybe it’s early. But it’s a fact 4) I’m talking about a company. The company that makes you pay 2 months in advance. The company that’s changed turnaround and barely been grading and now were at like 6 months +. Everyone is entitled to opinion and this is mine
  2. They’ve been in the grading business much longer. I think based on many factors including billing far in advance of getting cards, the claim they are the hardest grader, etc. No one is saying it doesn’t make sense for a select few. Also BGS killed themselves by encouraging no subs and shutting down for so long. They basically refused business also and cut their own nose off. You also would think if a company were giving out tougher grades then their cards would be more scarce and sell higher. Short sided maybe but turning a profit several times over before CSG catches up isn’t a dumb concept. One day they may be the place to go. Just not now for me. But hey if you like being billed 2 -3 months before getting your orders, If you like pop control grades, and a neon label in a big plastic holder then that’s your call. Mine was to give them a chance. They delayed all orders, lost CC #s, billed early, and the grades were inconsistent as different orders rolled back to me. Short sided doesn’t really fit my experience. All companies service is bad. Most just have some upside currently. Lastly no one expects them to sell at PSA level but more than 20% over raw would be nice. Lol
  3. I think people have to find value or a benefit of grading with a company. CSG bills well in advance of getting your cards. Next, to be newer the turn around times are atrocious and not as advertised. Furthermore, I do agree they are a more difficult grader but not consistent. If a card is a clean copy then it should be graded as such. I could give many examples as they graded over 1000 cards for me on my initial order. Labels are opinions but CSGs are awful and that’s a consensus. Most people grade midrange to low end here bc values aren’t high but I can see where a PC item would be fine. It’s just they have ZERO advantage over competitors at this point. But they do have money and so maybe that will change. The service, turnaround, resell, and I could argue grades of late have been less than good. A lot needs to change. Read most the comments here. I have big vendors who do repacks who won’t even look at buying CSG slabs. No one knows future but for now it’s a Hard Pass.
  4. That’s more than most these slabs sell for 🤣
  5. The difference in them and PSA is you actually get some value for waiting. Not so much here. Maybe Fanatics will change that
  6. It truly is sad how incompetence is rewarded in today’s time. No accountability and a company’s word means nothing. I’m responsible for sending tons of cards instead of testing the waters. My advice as someone who has submitted thousands of cards to multiple grading organizations is to DO YOUR RESEARCH. Hard Grader which is fine but re-sell is 🗑. Turn around times are 🗑. Until last few orders were consistent but even now that is 🗑. I’m not whining over bad grades. I would encourage anyone to check eBay, Check with people whom have gotten grades with CSG. Next, look at their labels etc, and read most the comments on these boards. One day bc of the $ and Fanatics connection maybe they become a major player and improve but until then this will be my very last Sub with them. It’s funny after they got my feedback how my last 3- subs the grades plummeted. Maybe just a coincidence, but either way I won’t be taking a chance again
  7. Sent July. Rec 9/9 Shipped back 2/11 Around 8 months total for junk grades
  8. Grade hardest and sell for about the cheapest= not a formula for success. Great for PC I guess