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  1. @RyanCSG Yes, with hundreds of cards to maybe get reslabbed, getting clarity on this is really important. I have 2 important questions to add to this: (1) what does a 9 grade w/ two 9.5 subs equate to in the new grading scale? Does that become the new 9.5 Mint+? (2) does the 10% member discount apply to the $5 reslab fee? This could save $100 on 200 cards. Thanks.
  2. @denaThat did NOT seem to fix the issue I am seeing. My account is still not correct when I go to my submissions page. Thanks. John
  3. Hi...Is anyone else seeing weird things in their account online submission database? There are orders that have been shipped and are in my possession marked as "Grading/Quality Control" but with a link to the tracking info (like it would be if it was marked Shipped). For those same submissions, the link to see my cards (submission #) is not active. I thought it was just a fluke the first day, but it has been like this for a week now.
  4. I created an account at the store with my CSG account number, but my 10% discount isn't being applied at checkout. How do I get the 10% discount on the supplies? Thanks.