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  1. I have ALWAYS used a tissue (Kleenex) slightly moistened with water staying away from auto and have always had good luck with surface grades.
  2. Never mind-I see all this is mute. Its about the money. If the person that submits 25 cards for grading is always but IN front of the guy who submitted 100, then its about the money and not the customer or collector. If your order came in today with 100 cards and mine is not sent until next week, I do have not right to priority service and you deserving to be kicked to the back. Even if your 25 card submission can be done in a quarter of the time of my 100 cards. Repeat business is where money is made, Look at the major graded card submitters on the bay (even though a few of them are try really hard to bring down the graded market by "buying" grades with other companies). If this is their business practice, than this is not the company for me. Please don't lecture me on everyone is doing it this way, that doesn't make it right. I'm not rich, just a regular customer.
  3. Would some of those who have submitted cards let me know something. Do they charge you the full amount upon receipt of your cards, at the time they mark them sent for grading or when they have been graded (in case of an additional fee is involved) or when they are ready to be shipped. ? I ask this because if they do it at time of card receipt at warehouse,, and you get and order back (finally) that for some reason is wrong then it cannot be disputed with anyone as you only have 30-90 days with any cc company and so your out of your monies. Has anyone ever had to dispute a charge? Before this pandemic thing it was never an issue but now with back log grading it is. Thanks