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  1. I think this cover for the Limited Treasury is Neal's Best http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2338/5704671814_72c39d7e7c.jpg' alt='5704671814_72c39d7e7c.jpg'> images (4) by AJL007, on Flickr[/img]
  2. Those are some SWEET Neal covers especially the superboy bondage! (thumbs u
  3. RAD741662011211_102434 by AJL007, on Flickr[/img] [/url] 1007439004 by AJL007, on Flickr[/img] http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5266/5571809387_c99254dd8b.jpg' alt='5571809387_c99254dd8b.jpg'> $(KGrHqR,!k4E1F)VjVcoBN,wQ6o0Tg~~0_3 (1) by AJL007, on Flickr[/img] New additions to my Adams collection
  4. Great Job on shipping and packaging, one of the best packing jobs, hands down, thanks Nik!
  5. A wolverine sketch by my favorite artist Neal Adams
  6. Originally Posted By: paperheart actually it was ruined by their own stupidity in shelling out $3k for a watchmen #1. there was no one at CGC holding a gun to their head forcing them to buy the book. I totally agree with this statement, with so many scammers out there selling resored copies as unrestored,or inaccurate overblown grading, CGC helps to clarify that the copy you are receiveing is or is not restored and the condition of your copy. If you are the original owner of let's say the Watchmen 1 or Hulk 181 9.9, then right now you are feeling pretty estatic. I do not buy anything raw off ebay and certain dealers because of the uncertainty. Greedy scum is what if anything runs the hobby. I would personally spend big bucks for a CGC comic then something raw that might be restored, plus you have alot of new people getting into collecting who no nothing about comics to begin with and spend huge amount of money on books that movie based and have not slowly matured into their current value, but as a seller those are the one's we are after. There are so many misinformed people that don't know the going values and dish out 10.00 for GPA analysis. To me CGC is just a service if you dislike CGC then send all your comics to PGX.
  7. Quick payment and excellent communicator would sell to again. (thumbs u
  8. Quick Payment will do business with again, Thanks Aaron
  9. Sold a batman 234 9.6 on ebay to Armen, I was pissed of when I found out this was back in last week of November, emailed me as Texastoast still has not paid so I sold it to another board member. Be very cautious of this individual.
  10. dddsahakian ( Armen Sahakian 200 Haymaker Circle State College, PA 16801 United States) won a book from me today, left a message on the invoice he had to pay by friday if not contact me, will let you all know the outcome.
  11. Wow Bill Skankowizz used to be one of my favorite artists
  12. I am glad to here that everyone is getting paid, he problably couldn't sleep at night because his ears were flaming. May be we can start Here are 2 from last week Member id rff7706 ( Feedback Score Of 1119) and Member id auctionsit4cash ( Feedback of 3518*)
  13. Does anyone know if Hill or Rodriguez will be signing next. I have a quite of few 1's and DF variants I would like to get signed. Before i send to CGC.
  14. I usually am against someone who doesn't have more than 25 postitive's next to his ebay name bidding on my books but have noticed even those who have 1000+ next to their name don't pay either. Ebay should let the sellers leave negatives on the buyers who don't pay or take more than a week to pay and expect to receive the next day!
  15. Lately I've had some non-paying ebay bidders and have notice some of the same auctions repeadately showing up again and again. Are they doing this because they can't pay, shilling their own auctions or trying to drive up GPA prices?