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  1. it really is a great slab... I'm not shilling for CSG but i truly hadn't realized how flimsy the PSA slabs are until i held one of each in both hands.
  2. i was penalized somewhat on the Edges subgrade and yeah i too was reluctant to sub any OPC from this era for that very reason. but the overall grade is about where i thought it might land.
  3. Recently received back some cards (subbed for my PC) My thoughts: -turnaround time was about six months -i opted for Sub-Grades on every card (was worth it; all of the "air" on the flip otherwise looks -only disappointment was a few Modern cards I sent came back 8.5 when I thought they warranted at least 9.0--but the grading appears to be consistent across the board so I'm ok with it -the Vintage cards I subbed graded in some cases 1.5 (and in one instance, 2.0) points higher than I had predicted--my concern going in was that only Modern cards would receive any grades of 8.0 and higher -knowing what I now know about how the overall grade is determined, I'm perfectly fine with this submission, will likely use CSG again