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  1. The one area I'm seeing CSG go for a premium is the Perfect 10 cards.
  2. Mine shipped yesterday. 18 days but they didn't grade 3 of my cards because they don't fit in their holder according to customer service. Trying to find out more.
  3. Pretty pissed right now. 3 of my cards from my submission are service unavailable because apparently they are too big for their holder? They are straight out of a factory Topps 1985 baseball set. What gives?
  4. Been stuck in Grading/Quality Control for a few days now My optimism is waning.....
  5. Is Grading/Quality Control the same status as Quality Control/Finalized? Mine shows Grading/Quality Control but that status isn't listed on their explanations.
  6. I just had an economy order that arrived to CSG on 10/28, received in their system on 11/1, went to Grading/Encapsulating/Imaging on 11/12, and as of yesterday 11/15 is in Grading/Quality Control. If it ships this week it will be less than 3 weeks for turnaround for an economy submission. The other order submitted in the same box is still in Scheduled for Grading phase but it had subgrades so hopefully it will be within 5 days or so of this one?
  7. Tried to buy that card and it went for double the PSA 10 recent comps........ I don't think a lot of people know the Perfect 10 is their highest grade but obviously enough people appreciate it.
  8. They logged my economy order on 11-1 and today it already changed status to Grading/Encapsulation/Imaging so I'm really curious how long I'm looking at now and if they are going to charge me now.
  9. So it takes 4 months to go from the grading process to shipped?
  10. I think it would be almost impossible, or more accurately it would never be accurate. For example, f you are 300 in the queue and you submitted economy you really don't know where you are because there could be 1000 higher priority submissions before they get to yours. I think it would be misleading and lead to more pissed off people than the system they have now.
  11. They received my package last Friday and this morning it shows scheduled for grading. Hopefully a good sign that it might only take 3 months?
  12. Thank You! That gives me a better feeling and some hope.
  13. So do I understand this correctly. I just mailed off an economy submission. Current lead time is 87 days. I assumed 87 days from when they receive it at their facility but as I'm reading this stuff, it looks like maybe 87 days from 3 months from now when they start the process?
  14. Kinda wish I would have known more about SGC before I sent these off to CSG........
  15. I’m not understanding. June to October is 4 months. Where does the 6 months come in?
  16. I have quite a few cards that have been kept in albums or hard cases for a very long time. They are all in great shape but I've never had cards graded before. I do have some PSA 9 and 10 cards I bought and a CSG 9 to compare but I honestly don't even know what I'm looking for, the 9's look just like the 10's. Here is the list and tell me what you think I should do. I was thinking of sending these all to CSG and if I get some high grades on some of the more expensive cards, sending to PSA because it seems there is a higher return on the PSA's? Some of these cards I can't find a flaw and some of slightly off centered, some have very slight chipping on the edges. All corners look sharp to me. These are some of the highlights, not sure if I can remember the whole list until I get home and look at them again 1986 Topps Football: Jerry Rice, Steve Young, Boomer Esiason, William Perry, Walter Payton, Charles Mann, Joe Montana, Reggie White, Bruce Smith 1987 Topps Football: Lawrence Taylor, Jim Kelly 1991 Fleer Basketball: Michael Jordan base card and All Star cards. All Star team card also 1985 Topps Baseball: Complete set. Cards that look pristine to me are: Gooden record breaker, Clemens, Puckett, Mattingly, Ripken Jr.. Gooden base and McGwire are not in great shape 1988 Fleer Basketball: Bird and Magic 1990 Fleer Update Football: Emmett Smith 1981 Nashville Sounds Mattingly: Really nice but one small stain on the bottom border 1985 Donruss Baseball: Mattingly and Two For the Title (Winfield/Mattingly: There are lot of other, especially in the 1986 Topps Football but these are the ones that look pristine to me or if they don't, the value would still be worth having them graded.
  17. Anybody know if I can mix orders/services in one box when mailing them in with the kit?