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  1. Can someone buy a gift certificate for CSG Services?
  2. Conceptually, you are right and agree with you, but appearance impacts perception and the brand. As a buyer, appearance matters. People don't buy cars they think are ugly. Appearance plays a role in every thing and I've heard dealers say they don't like the green label. Personally, the first time I felt and looked at a CSG slab I liked it way better than a PSA slab. Feels more solid, more clear... I liked it! Regardless of what you and I think about it ... I heard the parent company CEO say they are changing the label and I hope it positively impacts the value of the "old" labels.
  3. I heard that CSG is looking at changing its label. Has anyone heard anything about timing? What do you think about the current label and how a "new" one will impact the value of those already graded? Make the old label less appealing because there is a new shiny one or more valuable because its now rare?
  4. This is really awesome! Feels like an excellent step towards continued credibility for CSG.
  5. Just listened to a podcast this past week with the CCG President talking about the Population Report coming very soon. I've been collecting cards for nearly 45 years ... off and on, recently very reengaged the last couple of still really getting to understand grading... for you veterans, how do you use the population report ... why is it so advantageous. I get supply and demand and understand that fewer should be better in terms of value, but how much does it influence your decision to buy a card in the market or get a card graded???
  6. Yeah, that's why I would love to get the card graded by CSG. Anyone have any advice for cracking open a slab without damaging it?
  7. Okay. Understood. Just curious as to why that is the case with companies outside of PSA, Beckett or SGC? For example, the HGA card...is their encapsulation riskier to crack open? Appreciate all your help. Ryan
  8. On the Submissions and Fees page you reference doing CrossOver from other companies, specifically PSA, Beckett, but you don't HGA. I have a Walter Payton rookie HGA graded I would like to get in a CSG slab. Will you take it? I also had a question about the timing of crossovers... I didn't understand from the summary, how long they generally take? Thank you very much! Ryan
  9. https://forums.collectors.com/home/leaving?allowTrusted=1&target=https%3A%2F%2Fapp.onlyalt.com%2F) Someone else recommended this site ... seems pretty cool! Like tracking a stock.
  10. Can anyone recommend a good app/website to track your card inventory/investment, etc... I'm not a dealer, I am sure there are systems designed for businesses but just looking for something to digitally track my collection.
  11. Working on a specific collection... '77-'84 Topps NFL Hall of Famers... getting all the Rookie Cards graded.
  12. Just getting reengaged in the hobby... have looked at all slabs and the CSG just feels and looks like a higher quality item to me, even though it doesn't have the value of PSA right now. 95% of what I do is for personal collecting and maybe a long term sale... what I have seen so far from CSG looks great and hope its a long term value play, but in the mean time I'll just enjoy their work