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  1. Looking to buy. I see there is one CSG gem mint 2012 kobe select prizm. I am looking to buy, if the owner of that card is on here and wants to sell please message me. Thanks.
  2. Does CSG have an app or planning on an app? Or is there a way I can pull up my cards on the pop report by scanning the bar code on the back
  3. First of all I really like CSG and have used them a lot. I recently got 2 or 3 cards back that I really expected 9s and missed by .5 of a point. Both had 8.5 on the corners and I was certain the corners should have been 9s or higher. Even looking at them now I have no idea how they didn’t get a 9 on corners which would have made the card a 9 final grade. Does CSG offer a service where I can send in my previously graded CSG card in its current slab to have it reinspected? Or do I have to crack the slab and resubmit it as a raw card. Thanks guys.
  4. It’s the surface. Looks like greening issues. I can’t tell for sure but it looks like his arms and leg have greening. I had a Kobe destiny refractor with the same thing. All 9s and the surface got like a 6.5 or 7 which killed the final grade. That’s the only thing I see, everything else looks sharp on your card. You have to Spend the money and get the subs especially for a card worth this much $$, that was a mistake.
  5. Can you search for your card by the ID number on the back of the slab? If not can CSG make that happen, it would make it so easy. Also I don’t see a lot of my cards so when do you think this will be updated with all the cards?