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  1. I do like the different feed back everyone is giving
  2. Just looking to see what people are thinking after getting back bulk or any subs , was it worth the wait and were you happy with grades , were you not happy with grades and service and turn around times , would you use them again for grading or not . I have finally got all my cards back and was pretty happy for the most part but scratch my head on some grades and i wasnt happy period about turn around times and service , i like the slabs and the look of them but i wont use csg to grade with anymore as the roi isnt there yet , hopefully they make a name for themselves in the sports card world and value goes up . .
  3. i have 2 bulk orders that they got in the begining of March 2021 when turn around times were 90 days , they checked them in 9/8/21 and another checked in 9/8/21 and they are in grading and encaps , Way past the turn around times they had when subbmitted . Not happy at all with this company . I know turn around times arent guaranteed but come on what a joke .
  4. its had to nail down a turn around time with CSG always changing them , just know they will only honor current time , not what the times were when sent to them
  5. turn around times are horrible with csg and they dont honor current times anyways and they really dont care and thats facts
  6. wont happen anytime soon , csg has already said they have no plans to chane the label
  7. depends on the service level you selected but with my experence they only honor the current turn around time and not what it was when you sent them in .
  8. hopefully these are for your pc cause the resale isnt there with csg cards
  9. that lebron was sold by PWCC and was nothing more then a shill bid after bid ( i watched it ) not even sure if the person even paid for it , cause im pretty sure i saw it in the pwcc vault untill ebay kicked them off .
  10. not much roi when it comes to csg , most card will sell for raw or less , its gonna take time for csg to build up in value . I like the fact i can buy low and for some cards ill crack and sub elsewhere for a higher roi , i do a lot of slabs for pc and try to flip others to make a few bucks back .
  11. they dont like handing out 10s often and thats a good thing
  12. This is just my thoughts based on my experence ......these turn around times are crazy bad , esp when you sent a sub in when times were 60-90 days back in april /may , it doesnt matter what the times are cause your gonna wait longer and csg (from my experence doesnt care either way) . Best bet for turn around is FCG (about 10 days ) and SGC (about 5 weeks) .I like csg slabs a lot and cards look good in the slabs and that crystal clear look is fire but roi sucks and turn around sucks , Psa is king no matter what anyone says followed by bcg and sgc and others ( the market doesnt lie ). Ive always hope csg listens to customers and makes changes based on what they see , cause when i see anyone that has a issue with csg its always the same things and a company like csg you would think would listen to it customers esp being new in the sports card market . Raising prices , crazy turn around times ( always changing ) and charging for auto grades and charging for thicker slabs is crazy but anything for a buck ! CSG has something cooking but has a long way togo to make it in the top 3 if they ever do .
  13. and with the markey you have to pick and choose what you send and where you send it , again i think in order first to last will be PSA , BGS, SGC, CSG , FCG and HGA will be the go to companies and i could be wrong but just my thoughts .
  14. i have 3 more orders with them , they grade tough and i like the slabs alot , slabs are very clear and feels good in the hand , its gonna take sometime for value to go up with them but i pick and choose what cards go to what grading comapny , vintage sgc all day , if im looking to flip something high dollar its going to psa for everything else i use csg and sit on them and hope the value go up . Most of what i send to get graded is for pc and to leave for my kids one day , but with grading companies catching up with all the back log cards they have the market is gonna get flooded with so many slabs from everyone . I think there is about 18 or so active grading companies out there and i most of them will fold and csg , psa , sgc , fcg, hga and bgs will be the ones left standing .
  15. i do sub with them and like the slabs and have over 150 of them but i was refering to roi if you know what that is ( return on investment ) you must of missed that but then again i responsed to someone asking if they should use csg or not for there cards and i gave my thoughts , just cause im in a csg chat doesnt mean im not gonna be honest .
  16. Personally I’d pass on sending to csg especially if your trying to sell them , csg doesn’t hold much value on resale
  17. Try having your cards sent in bulk when turn around time was 45 days and they are still in g/e/I what horrible service . But psa is gonna open regular subs soon so they will help with some turn around time but not most , this company took on more then they can handle and dose nothing but come up with excuses . I have 6 total bulk orders with this company that I did in a group sub and have got 1 back . We get nothing but the run around from this company and it be nice if they were just open and honest like the competition is .