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  1. I know I can cross reference the order form to find cards but it is so much easier if this form is populated. This should not be a major tech update because the data is there. It only needs to be displayed. tks
  2. It is very difficult to find cards for sale without the data in the order form. It used to be there but not since the merger. Are there any plans to fix this issue? Thanks for the help charly
  3. you are correct. I found this on reprints site and this is the exact post this guy put up
  4. Good point, I also submitted a bulk and economy order and am prepping my next order. So, I track timelines closely. It was surprising to see the 10-20 business days before the order will reflect online and if that means the cards sit or are the cards processing but it takes 10-20 days to see online. Just asking. tks for responding.
  5. I totally agree because my previous orders were quick to enter. I am also finding the search feature when entering cards is slow, almost to frustration. Probably lots of users and unexpected growth with their specials. IMO
  6. So, you are telling me then that the graded time published does not include initial processing? Is that right? I've never had it take this long but then maybe you are backlogged with the specials going on. tks
  7. The only reason I am asking is because things have changed. I have an order that was accepted a couple of days ago but I don't see anything under submissions. It feels as though I am looking at an older page when I look up my submissions. No biggie, I know it will show up but letting you know in case some updates need to be made. tks....
  8. tks for the response. I figured that would be the answer.
  9. I was in the progress of completing my submission form and now it seems to be gone? I would hate to start from scratch. Lmk. Thanks
  10. I was looking through the site and noticed that it seems only PSA and Beckett cards can be regarded. What about other companies or is it limited.
  11. I enjoy CSG and would rather send my packs to you but am forced to go to PSA. Just wondering for planning reasons.
  12. I’m looking to submit for two tiers and want to make sure I do it right. charley
  13. I’m trying to determine if some cards are worthy of grading. I reviewed your grading criteria and a miscut card is difficult to determine the grade. If a card such as the one attached want would be the highest grade it could get with sharp corners. Thanks. Appreciated charley
  14. thks that is what I was looking for. What a shame, otherwise the card is decent for a 75. tks again
  15. It's a 1975 Hank Aron that looks decent except for these two indentations.
  16. I'm trying to determine if I want to get a card graded. It is relatively clean and centered but has two small indentations on the front. Anyone have any ideas what this would do to the grade? Thanks so much
  17. tks and I had three of the same card and took off the plastic on all three basically because the first two were not what I would get graded but the 3rd card was. I think taking off the plastic is better. IMO tks for the input
  18. Thanks for responding. I might just pull it off before I send it in for grading.
  19. qq - for Topps Finest cards that have plastic on the front is it better to leave the plastic on for grading or take it off and clean the card? Just looking for some feedback. tks.
  20. Personally, I went with CSG because they grade higher and I think it will pay off. IMO