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  1. When sending cards is it alright if we use the acronym csg and not use certified sports guarentee on the address? for security reasons
  2. 4 10's out of 50 is great! there good gem rates its not much different then psa or sgc gem rates. The guy at crackcards has csg locked down 6 10's and almost all gems out of 50, it is possible to have predictable results with csg like ya said ya gotta be vigilant with your screening. what sux is when I spend a few hundred on a card and ya get it in the mail and it has some minor whitening on the edges and ya wanna slab it but ya know your gonna get crushed at csg ha I thought bout sending my minor high value flawed cards to psa but with the psa fee and other bs forget it. Im just gonna sub everything with csg and if it gets a 7.5 or 8 it is what the grade is. But im def gettin subs cause if the card is 9.5 all around and an 8 corner I want a buyer to see it! Psa isnt a walk in the park right now anyway I seen a youtuber crack n send his psa's to Bgs and got a grade higher on almost every card at Bgs. after seeing that ill stick with csg Im more of a collector anyway psa too unpredictable
  3. csg values are doing much better after only a year the strategy is working slowly but surely. It think csg is building a following and stronghold in the hobby amongst some group submitters and more long term collectors but also among ultra modern prospect collectors and flippers. SGC been grading sports cards since 1998 but most in the hobby compare them to csg who's only been out a year. You would think csg would be compared to fgc or tgt but nope there in the big 4 conversation after only a year. There slowly building trust with harsh but accurate grading which will hopefully lead to monster cards in csg slabs. When csg slabs start selling at auctions for 5 and 6 figures peoples ROI's will go up and csg will be a major grader. Luckilly csg hasnt had any fake card scandals or anything like that hopefully that persists the one grading company who never graded a fake card!
  4. I think alot of the wander hype is because its not a great rookie class, we were spoiled in 2018-2019 with lots of great rookies this year kinda thin. His cards super over priced now cause the set just dropped I'd wait at least 6 monthes maybe a year to buy any topps wander, print runs gonna be so high his cards and even parallels gonna be like 20$ a piece. personally im only buying wander first bowman refractors or toppsnow with super low print runs. That particular card the photo variation interesting card but not for 2300 Id wait until it drops to 500 in a year, Strasburg wasnt all hype he got injured early set him back but still has a decent career. Ya really think Wander is the real deal and good investment?
  5. an auction is a good way but might get less value then its potential, compare it to other 1 of 1's and similiar or best players in the same or similiar position and same or similiar sets of cards. The best player sets the market and go from there. Id probably also compare it to his 1 of 10's, auto's exc. but like guy said just my opinion but opinions make the market what it is, opinions buy cards
  6. some serious negativity in these chats, I think ya's need to learn how to screen your cards or maybe read the grading scale. Watch a couple youtube reveals Crack cards, BNP cards, SubHub grading these guys consistently getting 70-80% gems and multiple 10s from csg. Crackcards got 38 gems and 6 tens and 6 nines out of 50cards using nothing but a magnify glass with a light on it. Are these guys super human, do they have friends and family who work for csg? NO!!!! they do there homework. Other channels bashing csg usually a new collector sending in an old shoebox of cards cursing at every grade wandering why they didnt get all 10s on there shaq rookies. Now they are activists against csg. If ya have issues with the resale value or the 9.5 gemmint why would you sub with csg at all? Most of the complainers are unaware 9.5 is a gem mint, how do you spend that much money on grading and not know the grading scale!! keep all your BS in this section of the chat so we can avoid it or dont it doesnt matter...
  7. they grade basketball fleer stickers, I seen them grade a few