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  1. Thanks for the quick reply, I understand why the sleeves are used. Id rather just have my card alittle loose or just carefully squeeze it in snug than use a ugly sleeve, as once that card is in a slab its never coming out, the grade is the grade and if i trusted you enough to grade it in the first place than ill trust the score. It gets old seeing ppl crack slabs sending into other companies and take a 50/50 chance for higher grade. Which i think more so its same grade or lower lol, unless its psa they just give candy 10s i call them. Which is why i skip over all psa cards. But i also know collectors in general like to gripe and complain about just every little thing. Ive seen many do just that very complaining about some other companies slabs having a minuscule amout of play and just flagging that grading company only to send 100 more cards in the next day to them, which is ridiculous. So yes i understand, its my only gripe i have with your process lol, and as i know your all trying to still learn as you go. I liked the green slabs when they first came out, giving us the choice between subs and no subs was nice as i could care less about subs, any long time collector knows what his card should do with in a point or two and why. So since you took subs away thats a improvement, i didnt like that green labels went away and you let ppl send cards in for new labels and new grading system at first as i trusted it to begin with, but i quickly understood again your in a learning curve and I have come to love the new black labels lol. Well i hope you find clearer sleeves when they are needed, keep up the good work, ill be in Sarasota soon dropping off some more as you guys are the best and ill hope i dont get too many come back with sleeves lol... Thanks again.
  2. Yes i just did my first 50 card and was not aware that sleeves would be used inside some slabs. It was disappointing as ive been one of your biggest fans since adding sports card grading to your ever long list of things you've graded for years. Like this company has the market on comics, coins, currency, and stamps as it is, and all the big 3 card grading companies are just a joke. CSG was a breath of fresh air, love the new labels, loved the old green labels lol. Id really like to just send all my cards into you guys but that sleeve really takes away from the presentation of the card. It really dulls the appearance down, the slabs are so nice and clear when that sleeve is in there it just isn't appealing no more. I would like to know if you could start using clearer sleeves, or only place the sleeve on the back of the card as I want to send more cards in but won't until i know the risk of having one of those nasty sleeves won't be a possibility. Or are you looking for other slab options, as a several other graders never use sleeves inside their slabs. I didn't know if your supplier is limited on sizing options or you have just chosen to use one or two size slabs n use sleeves inside to be cost effective. Thanks