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  1. Is the "perfect 10" label was going away?
  2. That response is nonsense. It’s not that i didn’t get the grades I was hoping for at all. You could take 15 of those 9.5’s and lower them and give one Gem and I wouldn’t be posting this. Zero 10’s screams population control, and of course you will deny it. Of course multiple professionals would agree that each individual 9.5 is fair, but they wouldn’t object if they were all 10’s either. The initial grader knew I wasn’t getting any 10s before he/she looked at a single card. Your explanation means nothing. We work hard for the money we spend and to have an order sabotaged like this is unjust. I posted the odds just so it will be obvious to everyone that whatever garbage explanation you replied with will be seen for what it is. If your company wants to retain credibility, I’d advise looking into who the initial grader was on order number 1401000644 and ask questions. Don’t reveal the answer, just fix the problem.
  3. Over the past six months, Ive submitted seven bulk orders. I’ve had 159 cards judged to be in “better than mint” condition (9.5s and 10s). Of those 159 cards, 92 received “Gem Mint” 10s and 67 received “Mint Plus” 9.5s. However, my last order I received 16 “Mint Plus” 9.5s and ZERO 10s. If the odds were 50-50 (very generous because they’ve been 58-42 in favor of 10s), the chances of that happening are 1:65,536. That would leave a 99.99998% chance that this happened to decrease the Gem Rate. My order was actively sabotaged, and it was predetermined that this particular order wouldn’t have a single Gem. I’m disgusted.
  4. $425, only 11 higher (out of 462)… I expected higher grade. Gorgeous card
  5. I have a 2000 Fleer Metal Tom Brady Rookie graded 9.5 (pop 1) and it’s not on the registry. Kinda stinks for the awards contest. Rookie Cards of the greatest players of all time should be prioritized on the registry.
  6. My 2017-18 Donruss Blue Holo Laser Jason Tatum RC Parallel numbered to 50 (worth $1000 or more) graded CSG 9.5 is only worth 144 points? Also why is my 2020 Donruss Elite Purple Joe Burrow /99 being replaced by the much more rare case hit Razzle Dazzle parallel? They’re different cards!