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  1. I bought this at SDCC years ago and didn’t realize it was pretty htf until I saw a post with someone selling. This book has some strange marks on the black portions. The top left staple has what looks like a color rub. The bottom right corner has what looks like water marks but they aren’t. That’s not a crease on the bottom right. Again, just that strange fading of the color. It had to have happened with printing? Anyways, how do those 2 things impact the grade? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  2. Late to the party but you can put me down on the list as acquiring a set at SDCC. I arrived at 5 min late and was in panic mode thinking I missed out. Line was not as bad as last year.
  3. Awesome news! Congrats to the Five Ghosts Team!
  4. I was hoping Crain would be at SDCC this year. Some day I will run into him!
  5. This series is such a breath of fresh air for me. I'm still enjoying every issue!
  6. I will be at SDCC again this year. I would help, but I believe the limit is one set per person and I need these to go with my set from last year.
  7. SDCC is just around the corner!
  8. I forgot the most important thing!!! It was a great read and I will be in for at least the first arc to see what these guys have planned for us.
  9. My LCS received 6 copies yesterday and I was looking for the best 2. I noticed the strange dents on the backside of the cover too. I thought the employee just had long fingernails . They should press out though Also, I showed up a few hours after the opening and asked how was the title moving. I was told I was the first to buy the book and they had only ordered those 6 copies
  10. So there will be a SDCC hardcover exclusive this year?
  11. Recently picked up the tpb to read the series again. Awww, brought back some good memories.
  12. The wife and I watched Breaking Bad on Netflix and were soooooo hooked. It was like every spare moment we had we tried to watch an episode. My life felt strange once we were finished and there were no more episodes to watch.